By Aelian, A. F. Scholfield

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Aelian (Claudius Aelianus), a Roman born ca. one hundred seventy CE at Praeneste, used to be a student of the rhetorician Pausanias of Caesarea, and taught and practised rhetoric. professional in Attic Greek, he turned a significant student and studied heritage less than the patronage of the Roman empress Julia Domna. He it appears spent all his existence in Italy the place he died after 230 CE. Aelian's at the features of Animals, in 17 books, is a set of proof and ideology in regards to the conduct of animals drawn from Greek authors and a few own commentary. truth, fancy, legend, tales and gossip all play their half in a story that's intended to entertain readers. If there's any moral purpose, it's that the virtues of untaught but reasoning animals could be a lesson to inconsiderate and egocentric mankind. The Loeb Classical Library version of the paintings is in 3 volumes. The historic Miscellany (Loeb no. 486) is of comparable nature. In 14 books, it is composed mostly of ancient and biographical anecdotes and retellings of mythical occasions. a few of Aelian's fabric is drawn from authors whose works are misplaced. Aelian's Letters—portraying the affairs and kingdom methods of a sequence of fictitious writers—offer enticing vignettes of rural existence. those are available Loeb no. 383.

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