By Virginia Voeks

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What's the objective of going to school? What do you desire to accomplish? What are your possibilities of changing into the individual you are expecting to develop into since you visit collage? those are the real questions this booklet addresses. nutrition for idea for all these coming into better schooling.

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Arya 1986: 9–13; Feuerstein 1998: 312–15). I shall do little more than provide a list of titles and authors, along with approximate dates and a minimal amount of descriptive comment. Tattvavaifaradi: a subcommentary (tika) by Vacaspatimifra upon the Yogabhasya. )45 Rajamartajda or Bhojavrtti: a commentary upon the Yogasutra by Bhojaraja, also known as Bhojadeva (1019–1054 CE), which is largely independent of the Yogabhasya. 46 Al-Biruni is also responsible for a translation into Persian of a SaÅkhya text, which he ascribes to Kapila.

18–30) is of the so-called Sastitantra (‘sixty doctrines’), which itself comprises two parts, one of thirty-two topics and the other of twenty-eight. The expression sastitantra also occurs at SK 72, where the claim is made that the seventy verses which constitute the text’s main part cover the topics of the sastitantra but forgo the illustrative examples and objections of opponents. The list of topics given in the Ahirbudhnya’s summary of the Sastitantra indicates, however, some important differences between this latter work and that of Ifvarakrsja, and it is therefore likely that the Ahirbudhnya’s version is not the only sastitantra but is perhaps one of several, which may or may not have shared a common source.

10 Of the later prose Upanisads (c. 8) contains a comprehensive list of existent principles, which tallies very closely with that of the manifestations of prakrti in classical SaÅkhya. But it is the Maitrayajiya (or Maitri) that, of all the major Upanisads, displays the strongest affinity with both classical SaÅkhya and Yoga. Although it relies heavily upon quotations from earlier Upanisadic and other sources, and appears to lack a consistent approach of its own, when the Maitrayajiya gets round to discussing metaphysical and methodological matters its similarity with the two classical systems is often very striking.

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