By Paul G. Remley

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This is often the 1st prolonged research of the previous testomony poems of the Junius assortment as a gaggle. The conditions surrounding their composition and transmission are mysterious: none is ascribed to a named writer and none positioned even quite in the improvement of Anglo-Saxon Christian poetry. This publication seeks to breach this serious deadlock by means of permitting the Biblical content material of the Junius poems to inform its personal tale. Paul G. Remley compares them with actual early medieval texts which are probably to have circulated in Anglo-Saxon facilities and gives attractive routines in hermeneutic and reader-response feedback. All citations of outdated English, Latin and Greek texts are observed through sleek English translations.

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20 The emphasis in the opening quires is on the exotic, with only a few passages offering anything approaching deep theological reflection. St Christopher himself is said to be descended from a race of dog-headed cannibals and the ensuing prose text describes a tribe of women hunters with beards, among other legendary marvels of Asia. But the fact remains that all of the texts in this volume were copied out and consulted by Anglo-Saxon Christians. The only possible indication that Beowulf has emerged from transmissional channels similar to those which sustained the biblical verse of Junius 11 occurs in Cotton Vitellius A.

Krapp, while seeing the divisions as original features of the verse, acknowledges that the 'sectional divisions in the manuscript are not always happily made'. 45 The evidence of the sectional divisions in Junius 11 thus points to a minimum of four stages in the transmission of the verse now preserved uniquely between its boards. First, a compositional stage, in the course of which some or all of the poems, arising under separate circumstances, may have been divided into sections. Then followed a stage of transmission involving the circulation of the poems as separate items.

Chase, pp. 23-32, at 23, would seem to contradict this hypothesis. But it is not clear that Boyle's detection of rulings of '9 mm. and 10 mm. [in lines near the bottom of the written space of] . . each frame in folios 126-133' - a span of leaves preserving the end of the Old English prose version of Alexander's Letter to Aristotle and the beginning of Beowulf'- as against 'the regular 7 mm. ) will bear the weight that he places on it, given the 'fire damage [that has] caused shrinkage at the edges of that vellum' and frequent irregularities in the ruling of leaves throughout Cotton Vitellius A.

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