By Harjeet Singh Gill

ISBN-10: 8130200880

ISBN-13: 9788130200880

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20) NĀNAK BĀNĪ rituals and renunciations charities and recitations are only outer manifestations but listening and believing devotion and love cleanse the inner self before Thy benevolence and beatitude I can only offer my servitude bereft of Thy blessing there is no devotion, no meditation Thou art the Word Thou art the Utterance Thou art the Creation the universe is an expression 33 34 NĀNAK BĀNĪ of Thy beatitude and benediction who knows the time, the hour the day, the week the season, the month when it all came to be the brahmans have not located the time in the Purān the qāzīs have not mentioned the hour in the Qurān the yogīs know not the day, the week, the season, the month only the Creator knows the hour of His creation how can I discern and discourse divide and describe Nānak, each claims to be the wisest of the scribes the Lord is great as He wills so it is done Nānak, he who pretends to know is lost in the row !

29) 45 46 NĀNAK BĀNĪ from one mother is born the order of the universe with three disciples the creator, the protector, the destroyer as He wills so it is realised all follow His command His vision surveys all yet He is invisible it is a strange spectacle salutations to the Highest whose form is sublime who has no beginning, no end who is present through the ages ! (30) NĀNAK BĀNĪ in every cosmos is His abode in all spheres there is even mode the Creator transcends His creation Nānak, His truth saturates every action salutations to the Highest whose form is sublime who has no beginnine, no end who is present through the ages !

33) 49 50 NĀNAK BĀNĪ seasons, periods, nights and days wind, water, fire and earth form the temple of His gaze there are all kinds of colour and life there are infinite names with deeds and devotion the Truth of the True prevails and the five chosen shine the false and the true are differentiated Nānak, thus is His judgement enunciated ! (34) NĀNAK BĀNĪ in Dharam Khand there are deeds and devotions let us describe the Gyān Khand where infinite are the winds, waters, fires and infinite are the Krishnas and Maheshas infinite are the brahmans and infinite are the forms, colours, costumes infinite are the spheres of deeds and infinite are the words of wisdom infinite are the Indras, suns and moons and infinite are the spheres and regions infinite are the siddhās, buddhās, nāths and infinite are the gods and goddesses infinite are the ways, words infinite are those who know and infinite are those who follow Nānak, there is no end to the devotees’ rows !

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