By Linda Lael Miller

ISBN-10: 1426830904

ISBN-13: 9781426830907

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Thanks for the ride,” Tyler said, when they pulled up to the only mechanic’s garage in town. Kit Carson jumped out after him. ” Tess called, as though she and Tyler Creed were old friends. “Anytime,” Lily lied. He walked away, without looking back. Just as he had that last summer, when Lily, high on teenage passion and exactly half a bottle of light beer, had proposed marriage to him. He’d said they were both too young, and ought to cool it for a while, before they got in too deep. Lily had been crushed, then mortified.

Telling her not to talk to strangers was pretty much a waste of time—not that Tyler Creed was a stranger, strictly speaking. “A fight,” Tyler said. “Oh,” Tess said, sounding intrigued. ” Lily sat ramrod-straight in the sticky vinyl seat. Concentrated on her driving. She’d thought a lot about Tyler Creed since she’d hurried out to Montana to keep a vigil at her father’s bedside, but she hadn’t expected to actually run into him. He was a famous rodeo cowboy, after all—a sometime stuntman and actor, and he did commercials, too.

You look a little better,” he said. ” Lily nodded. —but she needed a hot meal more, and her father and daughter’s company more still. ” she asked Hal. ” Hal grinned. Here at home, he didn’t look so wan and gaunt as he had in the hospital. The expression of frenzied dismay in his eyes had subsided, too. He’d decided, Lily thought, to live. “As much as I could, with half the town stopping by with food,” he answered. ” Lily was horrified. She hadn’t heard a thing. Hadn’t stirred on the hard twin bed in the sewing room.

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