By Francisco Bezanilla (auth.), Oliver Hayden, Kornelius Nielsch (eds.)

ISBN-10: 1441994424

ISBN-13: 9781441994424

Molecular- and Nano-Tubes summarizes contemporary developments within the synthesis, fabrication and purposes of tubular constructions. An interdisciplinary assessment of cutting edge technological know-how interested in tubular constructions is supplied. The reader is out there an summary of the several fields that molecular and nano tubes seem in, so one can research the elemental fundamentals in addition to the purposes of those fabrics. This e-book additionally:

  • Shows how nanotechnology creates novel fabrics via crossing the obstacles among biology and fabric technological know-how, electronics and optics, drugs and more
  • Demonstrates that tubes are a primary point in nature and utilized in disparate functions akin to ion channels and carbon nanotubes

Molecular- and Nano-Tubes is a great quantity for researchers and engineers operating in fabrics technology and nanotechnology.

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Molecular- and Nano-Tubes by Francisco Bezanilla (auth.), Oliver Hayden, Kornelius Nielsch (eds.)

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