By Andrei Alexandrescu

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(Pearson schooling) A textual content introducing the idea that of known parts inside all C++ language. Discusses matters that C++ builders care for each day, together with policy-based layout for flexibility, partial template specialization, typelists, styles, and multi-method engineers. Softcover. DLC: C++ (Computer application language)

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Typelists Typelists are a C++ tool for manipulating collections of types. They offer for types all the fundamental operations that lists of values support. Some design patterns specify and manipulate collections of types, either related by inheritance or not. Notable examples are Abstract Factory and Visitor (Gamma et al. 1995). If you use traditional coding techniques, you can manipulate collections of types by sheer repetition. This repetition leads to a subtle form of code bloating. Most people don't think it could get any better than that.

However, you can store pointers to type_info objects. The objects returned by typeid have static storage, so you don't have to worry about lifetime issues. You do have to worry about pointer identity, though. 32 The standard does not guarantee that each invocation of, say, typeid(int) returns a reference to the same type_info object. Consequently, you cannot compare pointers to type_info objects. What you should do is to store pointers to type_info objects and compare them by applying type_info::operator== to the dereferenced pointers.

Constant NonVolatileType Type Removes the volatile qualifier, if any, from type T. NonQualifiedType Type Removes both the const and volatile qualifiers, if any, from type T. isStdUnsignedInt Boolean True if T is one of the four unsigned integral types (unsigned constant char, unsigned short int, unsigned int, or unsigned long int). isStdSignedInt Boolean True if T is one of the four signed integral types (signed constant char, short int, int, or long int). isStdIntegral Boolean True if T is a standard integral type.

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