By Antiphon, Andocides, K. J. Maidment

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This is often the 1st in a two-volume variation of Greek orators. Antiphon of Athens, born in 480 BCE, spent his best within the nice interval of Athens yet, disliking democracy, was once himself an ardent oligarch who with others organize a violent short-lived oligarchy in 411. The restored democracy achieved him for treason. He were a author of speeches for folks thinking about litigation. Of the fifteen surviving works 3 obstacle actual homicide situations. The others are workouts in speech-craft inclusive of 3 tetralogies, every one tetralogy comprising 4 skeleton speeches: accuser's; defendant's; accuser's answer; defendant's counter-reply. Andocides of Athens, born ca. 440 BCE, disliked the extremes of either democracy and oligarchy. enthusiastic about spiritual scandal in 415 BCE, he went into exile. After at the least efforts to come back, he did so lower than the amnesty of 403. In 399 he used to be acquitted on a cost of profaning the Mysteries and in 391–390 took half in an abortive peace embassy to Sparta. Extant speeches are: 'On His go back' (a plea on his moment attempt); 'On the Mysteries' (a selfdefence); 'On the Peace with Sparta'. The speech 'Against Alcibiades' (the infamous baby-kisser) is suspect.

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VTi-)(voi, " artificial proofs," as distinct from Trto-rtis arex^oi, proofs based on evidence. " " A priori inferences in general are known as eiKora, probable conclusions based on known facts. These evidentiary facts are called reKfiT/jpia (a different thing from fiaprvpiai, the evidence of witnesses). A third term, ainieia, also occurs. The meaning of this can be gathered from an extant fragment S4 THE TETRALOGIES Now, as is well known, the first attempts to develop an " art of persuasion " were made during the fifth century.

38 and Chor. § 27. De oratione in novercam quae Antiphontis fertur, Fulda, • C/. , 22, 27 init. ANALYSIS §§ 1-4. §§ 5-13. I Appeal to the jury for sympathy. Conclusions to be drawn from the fact that the defence had refused to hand over their slaves for examination. Narrative of the crime. §§ 21-31. Largely a repetition of the arguments used The half-brother who is conin §§ 1-13. ducting the defence is bitterly attacked for his behaviour, and fresh emphasis is laid on the guilt of the stepmother.

S. 9, p. 201, 11, p. 203. THE TETRALOGIES (I. y. 1, III. y. 1) are found nowhere else Antiphon the first three verbs mentioned are, in fact, pure Ionic. To these one might add such rarities aTTcAoy^o-aTo in ; as dvaTpoTrev

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