By Jerry Lee Ford Jr.

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By means of following besides the routines during this publication, you will gather the talents you must write more effective WSH and VBScript programming purposes and may learn the way those abilities may be positioned to take advantage of in real-world situations.

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But don't worry—you'll continue to develop your understanding of this complex topic as you go through the rest of this book. Definition An object model is a representation of a number of related objects that provide a script or program with the ability to view and interact with each of the objects (files, disks, printers, and so on) represented in the object model. The Core Object Model The WSH core object model provides programmatic access to Windows resources. 4. Each of these objects provides access to a particular category of Windows resources.

Next, have the script randomly pick a choice of its own and display the results. This project will be completed in six steps. 1. Define the resources used by this script. 2. Display the game's instructions. 3. Provide a way for the user to select a choice. 4. Devise a way for the script to generate a random number. 5. Assign the computer's choice based on the script's randomly selected number. 6. Display the final results of the game. vbs. Shell") The first line begins with a ' character. This character identifies a VBScript comment.

4: WSH OBJECT METHODS 36 Chapter 2: Overview of the Windows Script Host Chapter 2: Overview of the Windows Script Host 37 Method Description AddPrinterConnection() Creates printer mappings AddWindowsPrinterConnection() Creates a new printer connection AppActivate() Close() ConnectObject() Count CreateObject() CreateScript() CreateShortcut() DisconnectObject() Echo() EnumNetworkDrives() EnumPrinterConnections() Exec() Execute() Exists() ExpandEnvironmentStrings() GetObject() GetResource() LogEvent() MapNetworkDrive() Popup() Quit() Read() ReadAll() ReadLine() RegDelete() RegRead() RegWrite() Remove() RemoveNetworkDrive() RemovePrinterConnection() Run() Save() SendKeys() SetDefaultPrinter() ShowUsage() Skip() Activates the targeted application Window Terminates an open data stream Establishes a connection to an object Retrieves the number of switches found in the WshNamed and WshUnnamed objects Creates a new instance of an object Instantiates a WshRemote object representing a script that is running remotely Creates a Windows shortcut Terminates a connection with an object Displays a text message Enables access to network drives Enables access to network printers Executes an application in a child command shell and provides access to the environment variables Initiates the execution of a remote script object Determines a specified key exists within the WshNamed object Retrieves a string representing the contents of the Process environmental variable Retrieves an Automation object Retrieves a resource's value as specified by the tag Writes a message in the Windows event log Creates a network drive mapping Displays a text message in a popup dialog Terminates, or ends, a script Retrieves a string of characters from the input stream Retrieves the s string that is made up of the characters in the input stream Retrieves a string containing an entire line of data from the input stream Deletes a registry key or value Retrieves a registry key or value Creates a registry key or value Deletes the specified environmental variable Deletes the connection to the specified network drive Deletes the connection to the specified network printer Starts a new process Saves a shortcut Emulates keystrokes and sends typed data to a specified window Establishes a default Windows printer Retrieves information regarding the way that a script is supposed to be executed Skips x number of characters when reading from the input stream Chapter 2: Overview of the Windows Script Host 37 38 Chapter 2: Overview of the Windows Script Host SkipLine() Skips an entire line when reading from the input stream Sleep() Pauses script execution for x number of seconds Terminate() Stops a process started by Exec() Write() Places a string in the output stream WriteBlankLines() Places a blank in the output stream WriteLine() Places a string in the output stream Working with Object Methods To really understand how object methods work you need to work with some examples.

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