By Fronto, C. R. Haines

ISBN-10: 0674991257

ISBN-13: 9780674991255

The correspondence of Fronto--a a lot prominent orator and rhetorician who used to be befriended via the emperor Antoninus Pius and instructor of his followed sons Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus--offers a useful photo of aristocratic existence and literary tradition within the second century. His letters display Fronto's powerful stylistic perspectives and dislike of Stoicism in addition to his kin joys and sorrows. They painting the successes and trials of a in demand determine within the palace, literary salons, the Senate, and lawcourts, they usually supply a desirable checklist of the connection among the main instructor of his time and his illustrious pupil Marcus Aurelius, his leader correspondent. The Loeb Classical Library version of Fronto is in volumes.

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Me quoque tussicula vexat et manus dexterae mediocris dolor, quidem sed qui a rescribenda longiore epistula impedierit dictayi igitur. 9. Quoniara mentio TrapaXci^ews habita est, non 8. sum quemquam quam M, Porcium in ea studiosius animadverterim, oratione, quae de Sumpiu suo inscribitur, in qua sic ait : caudicem projern, ubi mea oratio scripta erat lussi re, quod sponsionem feceram cum M. Cornelia. Tabulae prolatae : maiorum benefacta perlecta : deinde quae ego pro republica fedssem leguntur.

Eads like a letter to Marcus. Naber, following Mai, assigns it to Verus. 1 47 THE CORRESPONDENCE OF geret deum ludicra aut Canachus Phidias aut ? ut Calamis lepturga 1 simulacra aut fin- Polycletus 2 Quid, si Parrhasium versicolora pingere chirurga? iuberet aut Apellen unicolora, aut Nealcen magnifica aut Protogenen minuta, aut Niciam obscura aut Dionvsium inlustria, aut lascivia Pausiam ta sa ? Euphranorem aut 8 In poetis autem quis ignorat ut gracilis sit 4 aridus, sublimis Lucretius, meLucilius, Albucius 2.

Crede autem hoc mini, omnium, quos ego cognoverim, uberiore quam tu sis ingenio adfectum comperisse me neminem : quod quidem ego magna cum lite Victorini nostri et magna eius cum bile adiurare solebam, quom eum adspirare ad pulchritudinem ingenii tui posse neTurn ille meus Rusticus Romanus, qui garem. vitam suam pro unguiculo tuo libenter dediderit atque devoverit, de ingenio tamen invitus et aegre concedebat. 1 Horn. Od. 2 About vi. 106 = Verg. this time Consul II. Aen,. i. tristis 502. and praej.

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