By John Borwick

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34) is a statement of the degree of mutual coupling between two sources which is dependent upon the product of frequency (in the form of k) and the distance between the diaphragms R. 13 shows a plot of the mutual coupling between two loudspeaker diaphragms as a function of kR. 12 are marked on this scale with arrows. 33) is derived from low-frequency considerations should not worry us unduly. It is true that the closer the sources are to each other, the higher the frequency up to which mutual coupling is significant.

14 shows the frequency responses of a pair of loudspeakers at two points away from the axis relative to the response of a single loudspeaker; the dashed line represents the response on the axis. The response shapes shown in Fig. 14, which are known as comb filtering, are a result of alternate constructive and destructive interference due to the changing relative phase of the two signals as frequency is raised. 14. Frequency response of a pair of loudspeakers spaced 3 m apart at two points away from the plane equidistant from the loudspeakers (the stereo axis) relative to the response of a single loudspeaker.

2 describe two different attributes of horn loudspeakers. Ideally, a horn would be designed to take advantage of both attributes, resulting in a highefficiency loudspeaker with a smooth frequency response and constant directivity over a wide frequency range. However, very often a horn designed to optimize one aspect of performance must compromise other aspects. For example, the straightsided horn in Fig. 20 may exhibit good directivity control but, being a conical-type horn, will not have the radiation efficiency of an exponential horn of the same size.

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