By MG Leakey, JM Harris

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Positioned on the southwest nook of Lake Turkana in northern Kenya, Lothagam represents the most vital periods in African prehistory. Early human continues to be are constrained in distribution to Africa and the purchase of an upright bipedal striding gait, the hallmark of humanity, seems to be a minimum of circumstantially associated with the aid of equatorial forests and the unfold of grasslands on that continent. the varied Lothagam fauna records the end-Miocene transition from forested to extra open habitats that have been exploited by means of grazing horses and antelopes, hippos, big pigs, and real elephants. it is usually spectacularly whole fossil carnivore skeletons and a few of the oldest human remains.Enlisting a workforce of hugely certified experts, this publication presents the geologic context and relationship framework for the Lothagam fossiliferous sequences, describes the sizeable range of vertebrate fossils recovered from the overdue Miocene and Early Pliocene sediments, and synthesizes the implications to interpret the altering paleoenvironments that prevailed at this website. The publication will curiosity anthropologists, paleontologists, geologists, and a person attracted to human origins.

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25. Oxford: Blackwell. 2 Miocene and Pliocene Paleosols of Lothagam Jonathan G. Wynn Paleosols preserved in the Lothagam Group sediments preserve a record of the ancient environments in which they formed. The paleosol record described here spans the Miocene-Pliocene boundary and documents several types of paleosols formed in well to poorly drained alluvial settings. 2 Ma). Vegetation throughout the interval appears to have been a mosaic of floodplain savannas dissected by gallery woodlands. 7 and 5 Ma.

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