By Livy, Evan T. Sage

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Livy (Titus Livius), the nice Roman historian, was once born at or close to Patavium (Padua) in sixty four or fifty nine BCE; he can have lived commonly in Rome yet died at Patavium, in 12 or 17 CE. Livy's in basic terms extant paintings is a part of his background of Rome from the root of town to nine BCE. Of its 142 books, we've got simply 35, and brief summaries of the entire relaxation other than . the complete paintings was once, lengthy after his demise, divided into many years or sequence of ten. Books 1–10 we've whole; books 11–20 are misplaced; books 21–45 are whole, other than components of forty-one and 43–45. Of the remainder in simple terms fragments and the summaries stay. In just right type Livy, a guy of large sympathies and happy with Rome's prior, offered an uncritical yet transparent and dwelling narrative of the increase of Rome to greatness. The Loeb Classical Library variation of Livy is in fourteen volumes. The final quantity features a accomplished index.

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There was a brief dispute about the cities, since they took it hard that towns which had once been under their control should be torn, as it were, from their body, yet all unanimously agreed that the peace should be accepted. ^ The bronze and marble statues and the paintings with which Ambracia was more lavishly adorned than the other cities of this region, because the palace of Pyrrhus had been : ; ; ; come under either class of communities just mentioned, is It had belonged to Aetolia. These conditions are essentially those given by Polybius (XXTI.

Celaenae urbs caput quondam Phrvgiae fuit migratum inde baud procul veteribus Celaenis, novaeque urbi Apameae nomen inditum ab Apama sorore Seleuci regis. Et Marsyas amnis, baud procul a Maeandri fontibus oriens, in Maeandrum cadit, famaque ita tenet Celaenis Marsyan cum ApoUine tibiarum cantu certasse. Maeander ex arce summa Celaenarum ^ ; 1 5 ; 6 7 - ad Hieran ed. Froheniana 1531 om. B. 3 dicuntur r dicunt B. * armis r om. B. ^ Leuso edd. vett. lento B. : phileram J/ : : : ^ ' ^ 40 cum mod. ma.

Deinde celeriter armati etiam subeuntes occultam sub terra ediderunt pugnam segnior deinde ea facta est intersaepientibus cuniculum, ubi vellent, nunc ciliciis praetentis nunc foribus raptim obiectis. Nova etiam baud magni operis adversus eos qui in cuniculo erant excogitata res. Dolium a fundo ; 11 ^ contecto " 2 instituit : collecto B. r statuit B. om. B. ; ^ cum r * facto " ^ inane r ^ fiilturis ed. : oin. : : B. inanem B. Frobeniana lo3o : furculis Br. ^ The apparent meaning is that the trench of the defenders ran at right angles to the assumed direction of the tunnel.

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