By Shohaku Okumura

ISBN-10: 1614290210

ISBN-13: 9781614290216

This immensely valuable e-book explores Zen’s wealthy culture of chanted liturgy and the strong ways in which such chants help meditation, expressing and aiding us really uphold our heartfelt vows to stay a lifetime of freedom and compassion. Exploring 8 of Zen’s so much crucial and common liturgical texts, dwelling via Vow is a instruction manual to jogging the Zen direction, and Shohaku Okumura courses us like an previous buddy, conversing essentially and without delay of the non-public which means and implications of those chants, generously utilizing his studies to demonstrate their sensible value. A student of Buddhist literature, he masterfully uncovers the delicate, complex internet of tradition and background that permeate those nice texts. Esoteric or difficult phrases tackle brilliant, own that means, and previous widely used words achieve new poetic resonance.

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He found that the ultimate cause of suffering is ignorance and delusive desires based on that ignorance. This ignorance is mumyō in Japanese, avidyā in Sanskrit. ” Mumyō means that we cannot see the reality of life. As we try to fulfill our desires, we do things that are good or bad. As a result of our deeds, we transmigrate through the various realms of samsara and we suffer. This is the teaching of causality based on our karmic deeds. Our desires and the actions that arise from them are based on our ignorance.

This is living in vow. 12 This is a poem about vow. I also found his original poem in Japanese. When I read it closely, I saw that it is a lucid explanation of the four noble truths. The first stanza expresses the truth of suffering. ” This is the reality of our lives. In Japanese this stanza reads, Hito ga dame da to ieba / gakkarishite so dana to omoi / Hito ga iinda to ieba hashaide so o nanda to omou. The phrases he used for “possible” and “impossible” are dame da and iinda. ” We encounter many such judgments in our lives.

In this context “one” means absolute. In the chapter of Shōbōgenzō titled “Zammai ō zammai,” Dōgen Zenji writes: That which directly goes beyond the whole world is kekkafuza (full-lotus sitting). It is what is most venerable in the house of the buddhas and ancestors. That which kicks away the heads of non-Buddhists and demons and enables us to be inhabitants of the innermost room of the house of the buddhas and ancestors is kekkafuza. Only this practice transcends the pinnacle of the buddhas and ancestors.

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