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Download e-book for iPad: The Outer Planets and their Moons: Comparative Studies of by T. Encrenaz (Editor), R. Kallenbach (Editor), T. Owen

Representatives of numerous clinical groups, resembling planetary scientists, astronomers, area physicists, chemists and astrobiologists have met with the purpose to check the data on 4 significant subject matters: (1) the learn of the formation and evolution procedures of the outer planets and their satellites, starting with the formation of compounds and planetesimals within the sunlight nebula, and the next evolution of the interiors of the outer planets, (2) a comparative examine of the atmospheres of the outer planets and Titan, (3) the research of the planetary magnetospheres and their interactions with the sun wind, and (4) the formation and homes of satellites and jewelry, together with their interiors, surfaces, and their interplay with the sun wind and the magnetospheres of the outer planets.

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38. Gunn and Fewcil, Narrative in the Hebrew Bible, n, ia It must be admitted that their connection of it with the Renaissance is a great improvement on the infinitely repeated connection of it with the Enlightenment, ^ Gunn and Fewcll, Narra&Ve in the Hebmv Bible* 193, 11 Biblical Criticism 37 criticism and admitted by some of its practitioners, was the very opposite: that it did not even try to determine meaning. It stopped short of doing that. This characterization has some reality about it.

8 Perhaps the most important name however is that of Paul Ricocur, who produces not only a philosophy that is relevant to biblical interpretation but also detailed biblical interpretations. His emphasis on the nature of texts and the nature of reading has a high relevance for modern discussions. In this respect, incidentally, I should perhaps make an amendment to my remarks in The Concept of Biblical Theology, ch. 10, in -which I pointed out how far most Old Testament scholarship was remote from philosophy.

But, where the term 'ideology' is used, there is a great degree of variety in the senses in which it is employed and the sort of impact that it is expected to have upon the understanding of the Bible. ; Notre Darnc University Press, 1993). New Profile of Discussion 29 false ideas, ideas created by the social and economic system, ideas which disguise the reality of things; reality, however, can be known and can thus be opposed to ideology. At the other extreme, everything is ideology: there is no access to reality apart from ideology, for what we call 'reality* is something that we construct, and any attempt to pass to a 'real* appreciation of reality is only a more deceptive ideology than any other.

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