By Kenny Ballou

ISBN-10: 1785881744

ISBN-13: 9781785881749

Elixir, in response to Erlang's digital laptop and surroundings, makes it more uncomplicated to accomplish scalability, concurrency, fault tolerance, and excessive availability pursuits which are pursued by means of builders utilizing any programming language or programming paradigm. Elixir is a contemporary programming language that makes use of the advantages provided by means of Erlang VM with no rather incorporating the advanced syntaxes of Erlang.

Learning to software utilizing Elixir will train many stuff which are very worthwhile to programming as a craft, no matter if on the finish of the day, the programmer isn't utilizing Elixir. This ebook will train you strategies and rules vital to any advanced, scalable, and resilient program. usually, functions are traditionally tough to cause approximately, yet utilizing the strategies during this e-book, they'll turn into effortless and stress-free. it is going to educate you the practical programing ropes, to allow them to create higher and extra scalable purposes, and you may discover how Elixir should help in achieving new programming heights. additionally, you will glean a company figuring out of fundamentals of OTP and the to be had prevalent, supplied performance for developing resilient advanced platforms. in addition, you'll research the fundamentals of metaprogramming: editing and increasing Elixir to suite your wishes.

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The overall ordering of types is number < atom < reference < function < port < pid < tuple < maps < list < bitstring. It's not necessary to memorize this ordering, but you should know it exists. Strings Strings in Elixir, as you would expect, are just UTF-8 characters surrounded by double quotes. But they have a few extra qualities that most other languages either don't have or treat differently. For example, strings may contain line breaks, by either including them using escape sequences or by actually writing the new line into the string.

That is, once you define (read use) an atom, it will point to the same memory as all the other occurrences of that atom. Furthermore, they are not garbage-collected, nor are they mutable. The memory used by atoms will never be freed up until the termination of the program. From the Erlang Efficiency Guide: 1 word. Note: an atom refers into an atom table which also consumes memory. The atom text is stored once for each unique atom in this table. The atom table is not garbage-collected. Booleans Booleans, as you expect, are the simple values—either true or false.

That is, with expressions, the concept of program flow and execution becomes more evident because we can compose parts of our programs in a way that is more readable and natural. Of course, we can write Elixir code, similarly to the way we have written imperative code in the past. However, this will eventually be more painful than to do it the functional way. We will see this materialize more as our journey progresses. A short introduction to types Like most programming languages, Elixir has its fair share of numerical, boolean, character, and collection types.

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