By Gilbert J. P. McEwan

ISBN-10: 0198154593

ISBN-13: 9780198154594

Past due Babylonian Texts within the Ashmolean Museum

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D. 12 1. { I d. 10 1. /. 9 ~ . /. 1l .. 4w:1. id: "M. Jublll/" 15. • · /",bltJill: ""r. I. 16 2. c. 39. 14 1. "M. 'bI/: •. 0. 1...... lNl-ntlZi/4l·IIIbir. /. lIrv: /. It:ff~(/r. 11 1191. H 2... 4' 1. m~ 4, d. luatkDpu 8,S S, d. /UID~,Q ' IDmIl! 10,6 6 f. /. /. /. 2 l. da. ' bll-#lll$if 210,6' i_lik: f. · lifa! 4' I. s. l' 2. s. /. /. /. /. 9' 7. { 'lIaN-4/J1Jl·/ddill 23,2 8. 1' iqUa·'mlUduk: n,9 l. s. mwkfn·Uri d. 33 Iqllpw: I. /. '"abQ-4/Ja-iltannw I? 1. /. 9 I"mi: "lie. 4 I. s. 12 2. alt(". : allc.

IU8 2. I. ·nQ/IIl.! I 115,82' 1. ,. iIlO"" .. 1. 16 2. •. 1 5 1. $. 16 4. $. ri""'''nl: d. uJDbfj; I. 7 ' nQ/IIl-

I)'. r. ; 214" I. d. I ..... 6 I. I. Iumll'IIIII' d. 1I1'Qd·"o'• •. · .... rrh

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