By Conrad Barski

ISBN-10: 1593273495

ISBN-13: 9781593273491

Lisp has been hailed because the world's strongest programming language, yet its cryptic syntax and educational popularity may be sufficient to scare off even skilled programmers. these darkish days are eventually over—Land of Lisp brings the facility of practical programming to the people!

With his brilliantly quirky comics and out-of-this-world video games, longtime Lisper Conrad Barski teaches you the mysteries of universal Lisp. You'll begin with the fundamentals, like checklist manipulation, I/O, and recursion, then circulation directly to extra complicated themes like macros, better order programming, and domain-specific languages. Then, whilst your mind overheats, you could relax with an action-packed comedian e-book interlude!

Along the way in which you'll create (and play) video games like Wizard event, a textual content event with a whiskey-soaked twist, and Grand robbery Wumpus, the main violent model of Hunt the Wumpus the realm has ever seen.

You'll research to:

-Master the quirks of Lisp's syntax and semantics
-Write concise and chic practical programs
-Use macros, create domain-specific languages, and research different complicated Lisp techniques
-Create your individual internet server, and use it to play browser-based games
-Put your Lisp talents to the attempt via writing brain-melting video games like cube of Doom and Orc Battle

With Land of Lisp, the ability of useful programming is yours to wield.

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Let’s look at an example where we pull items out of nested lists. Here, the first item is (peas carrots tomatoes) and the second item is (pork beef chicken): > (car '((peas carrots tomatoes) (pork beef chicken))) (PEAS CARROTS TOMATOES) > (cdr '(peas carrots tomatoes)) (CARROTS TOMATOES) > (cdr (car '((peas carrots tomatoes) (pork beef chicken)))) (CARROTS TOMATOES) > (cdar '((peas carrots tomatoes) (pork beef chicken))) (CARROTS TOMATOES) The car function gives us the first item in the list, which is a list in this case .

This is how Bjarne Stroustrup, the inventor of C++, was able to tweak the C language and add features to turn it into his own. However, writing a translator such as this is an extremely difficult and tedious process that you would consider only as a last resort. In contrast, Lisp languages make it extremely easy for an experienced Lisper to alter the compiler/interpreter that runs a program, while still supporting rich language features with extensive libraries. In fact, messing around with the language within Lisp is easier than in any other language ever created!

For example, writing a function in Lisp to calculate the distance between two points would be simple, as in most other languages. But an experienced Lisper would find it equally easy to invent a new way to nest function definitions or devise a funky if-then command. Even writing your own object-oriented programming support inside Lisp is not complicated (and most Lispers have probably done so at some point). In Lisp, everyone gets to be a mini-Stroustrup! 10 Introduction How does Lisp make this neat feat possible?

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