By Jerome, Frederic Adam Wright (ed.)

ISBN-10: 0674992881

ISBN-13: 9780674992887

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Ex hac ubi aufertur ex studio, minus ubi minus est, supputatione summa ilia nascitur, fecttim-itt patria sua esse non monachum posse. per- Perfectum autem esse nolle dHinq"^^'' est. 8. Sed de hoc gradu pulsus provocabis ad clericos An de his aliquid audeaw dicere, qui certe in suis Absit ut quicquam de his urbibus commorantur? * ' sinistrum loquar, qui apostolico gradui succedentes Christi corpus sacro ore Gonficiyint, per quos nos etiam Christiani sumus, qui claves regni caelorum habentes quodammodo ante iudicii diem iudicant, domini sobria castitate conservant.

LETTER Yll by a great distance, and his departure always causes me as much regret as his coming has brought dehght. Now I talk to your letter, I embrace it, it carries on a conversation ^\-ith me, it is the only thing here that knows Latin. In this place an old man has either to learn a barbarous jargon, or else to hold his tongue. The hand\vTiting I know so well brings and then either I your dear faces before my eyes am no longer here or else you are here "^^ith me. Believe love when it tells you the truth as I write this letter I see you before me.

Conderetur : —ad capulum gladius dominum suum O omnibus reflectitur, victus aspiciens confessus est non posse. Hue, hue mihi trium exempla puerorum, qui se ferire 9. inter frigidos fletibuS; circa flammarum globos hymnos edidere pro quorum sarabara sanctamque caesariem LETTER I trembled and looked in amazement at his conquered arm then swinging high the craven blade he prepared to give a second stroke. Again the sword fell feebly on the woman and lay still and harmless on her neck, as though the steel feared to touch the accused.

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Jerome: Select Letters (Loeb Classical Library No. 262) by Jerome, Frederic Adam Wright (ed.)

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