By Peng Er Lam

ISBN-10: 0203085949

ISBN-13: 9780203085943

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The essays during this assortment research Sino-Japanese political family members given the phenomenon of ‘a emerging China and a stagnating Japan’. wondering no matter if their dating is considered one of cooperation or clash, the ebook studies China and Japan’s bilateral ties to determine whether or not they have deepened and broadened regardless of alterations in outlook, nationwide curiosity and political platforms. including a brand new point of view to the Sino-Japanese political relatives dialogue, the publication seems past the interactions of valuable governments to envision the function of NGOs, neighborhood governments and sub-regional linkages. The participants undertake a number analytical methods and discover case reports together with the Taiwan factor, eastern authentic improvement coverage in the direction of China and joint fishery administration within the East China Sea. With views from the USA, Russia and Malaysia, the publication yields new insights into this complicated and multifaceted dating and is a welcome boost to the present literature.

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An overbearing China may well spark Japanese nationalism and boost the right-wing in Japan’s political spectrum. If the Japanese economy were to stagnate for another decade, the inexorable rise of China might lead to further envy and fear among many Japanese leaders and opinion shapers. The best outcome for Japan–China relations and stability in East Asia is the revitalization of Japan leading to a balance between two prosperous Asian giants. Moreover, the economic rise of China is not necessarily a zerosum game for Japan.

Naikakufu Daijinkanbo¯ Seifu Ko¯ho¯shitsu (Public Relations Section of Cabinet Secretariat), Gaiko¯ ni Kansuru Seroncho¯sa (Public Opinion Regarding Diplomacy), October 2003. 36 Japan’s Relations with China Nicchu ¯ Kankei Kihon Shiryo¯shu (Collection of Basic Materials of Japan–China Relations): 1949–1997. Rose, Caroline, Interpreting History in Sino-Japanese Relations: A case study in political decision-making (London: Routledge, 1998). Wakabayashi, Masahiro, Taiwan: Bunretsukokka to Minshuka (Divided Nation and Democratization) (Tokyo: University of Tokyo Press, 1992).

The whole world took notice of these developments. In Japan, as mentioned earlier, the favourable view toward China deteriorated drastically and in turn, a favourable interest in Taiwan increased all of a sudden. ” Naturally, Japan and the United States recognize the People’s Republic of China as the only legitimate government of China to this day and it is out of the question that Taiwan’s Republic of China would be recognized as the legitimate government of China. It is also impossible to support “Taiwan independence” which may trigger China to resort to arms.

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