By Emmanuel Neiman, Yochanan Afek

ISBN-10: 9056913689

ISBN-13: 9789056913687

Each chess participant understands that a few strikes are more durable to determine than others. Why is it that, often, easy wins easily don't input your brain? Even robust grandmasters be afflicted by blind spots that vague the superior rules in the course of a online game. what's extra: usually either gamers miss out on the chance that's correct in entrance in their eyes.

Neiman and Afek have researched this challenge and found that there are literally the explanation why your mind discards definite rules. during this ebook they reveal various different types of hard-to-see chess strikes and obviously clarify the mental, positional and geometric components which cloud your brain.

Invisible Chess strikes with its many detailed examples, instructive causes and illuminative exams, will educate how one can become aware of your blind spots and notice the strikes which stay invisible for others. Your effects on the board will enhance dramatically simply because your mind will cease blocking off profitable rules.

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The fact that this combination was found at all has nothing to do with candlelight or traditional English breakfasts, but with a contemporary phenome­ non: the computer. ' (Timman in New In Chess 2 0 0 8 / 7 ) . Let's hope our readers will be able to contradict this assumption. London 2008 (2) 0 Gomes Filho,Jose Neto,Carolina Rio de Janeiro 1 942 Once you notice the alignment of the two queens, you will tend to 37 l n v i s i � l e Mo ves Black can expose the fundamental defects of White's position - an annoying pin and the dubious po­ sition of his king - in two ways, which lead to one and the same position.

L2Jd2xc4 25. 26. a4xb5 27. l:th4xh6i h7-h6 'ifb4xb5 with a decisive advantage, and ulti­ mately a win in the endgame. Shirov,Alexey Svidler,Peter Foros 2008 ( 1 0) If Black takes the rook, White gives a Zwischenschach on g6, saving his queen while retaining the op­ tion of taking Black's. After 27. The position looks equal because of the mutual weaknesses (c4 and e6) and also the material on the board (only major pieces gives drawish tendencies) . Svidler plays with fire and provokes a volcanic reaction, at his own expense, with the impatient: 24.

So and rook in the open field White has a decisive attack. 7 . . �b7 sJWe4+ s . . �b6 9 . Wb6#. 8 ... Wxc4+ 5. 6. 7. ttJa4-c5+ wb7-c7 W'd4-e5+ Wc7-c8 lld1 -d6+- Chapter 1 - Hard-to-see moves EXERCISE 6 ****** Novikov,Stanislav Efimenko,Zahar (variation) Moscow 20 I 0 (8) D This pos1t10n was investigated by Larry Christiansen in an ICC lecture. In his analysis of a variation of the game, Christiansen dem­ onstrates that White can play for the win with a beautiful concept. � I I n v i s i b l e M o ves Solution 6 * * * * * * Novikov,Stanislav Efimenko,Zahar (variation) Moscow 2 0 1 0 (8) rook is taboo due to the mate on e6.

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