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This fraction is determined by the solid angle subtended by the detector with respect to the source. It is ruled by the "inverse square law," since doubling the distance between a point source and detector reduces the solid angle by a factor of 4. Not all of the radiation within the subtended solid angle reaches the sensitive portion of the detector because of absorption in the air and in the detector cover. This is important primarily in the case of β and lowenergy γ and X radiation. 2. INTRINSIC EFFICIENCY Radiation striking the sensitive portion of a detector may be wholly or partially absorbed or it may pass right through the detector.

2, Medicine. 2nd ed. L e a & Febiger, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1962. , 1958. CHAPTER 3 BASIC CONSIDERATIONS IN NUCLEAR INSTRUMENTATION F R A N K H. LOW PICKER NUCLEAR WHITE PLAINS, NEW YORK I. Statistics of Radioisotope Measurements A. Random Nature of Radiation B . Determination of Statistical E r r o r I I . Radiation Detectors A. Detection Efficiency B . Shielding C. Collimation D. Pulse-Height Resolution III. Recording Instruments A. Pulse-Height Selection B . Overload of Counting Circuits C.

The use of a pulseheight analyzer in the recording system can eliminate most of this background, while a properly set window will accept much of the direct radiation from the sample (Fig. 16). In this way, a pulse-height analyzer supplements and makes more effective the lead shielding surrounding the detector. Scattered radiation /eliminated Γ\ 1 1S p 3 e1c trum £ Rejected^*- — A c c e p t e d , , Discrimination X ~ Ρ* α e ^n ί p u l s e height) e r level FIG. 1 5 . T h e discriminator level is correctly placed when it falls in the valley between the primary peak and the scattered radiation peaks.

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