By Jim Stewart, Beaver Graham

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In its description and research of the present context of analysis and perform of HRD in small companies, this choice of essays presents a accomplished and demanding evaluate of present techniques. This evaluate ends up in an exploration of a host and diversity of HRD equipment as they're utilized within the small association context and gives quite a number examples of analysis and perform with a purpose to tell and aid the instructing of HRD.

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DfEE (1997a) TECs and Small Firms Training: Lessons from skills for small businesses, DfEE Research Report RR27, London: DfEE. 24 Rosemary Hill DfEE (1997b) Design of the New Deal for 18–24 Year Olds, London: DfEE. DfEE (1998) Blunkett Sets Out Importance of Youth Volunteering for Healthy Communities, News Bulletin 315/98, 18 June 1998. DfEE (1999) Fast Track Millennium Volunteer Projects Get Go-Ahead, News Bulletin 463/99, 22 October 1999. DfEE (2000) Small Firms Set for Healthy Future, Skills and Enterprise Executive Issue 4/2000, SEN Publication, London, DfEE.

As owner-managers may see ‘bottom-line’ consequence (whatever ‘bottom line’ means in a particular context) as the most critical issue that HRD has to connect with, more investigations into the impact of HRD on small organisational capability and performance is recommended as an important area for further research. From an owner-manager’s perspective, such an agenda might be sufficiently appealing for him or her to commit and stay ‘connected’ to a piece of research. Bibliography Birch, D. (1998) ‘HR and understanding small and medium-sized enterprises’, Human Resource Development International, 1, 4: 443–50.

Trading as a PLC from several UK sites. National trade. 70(medium enterprise)* Evolution and growth Case 3 Youth and community projects 6(very small/micro in the voluntary sector. enterprise)* Operating as a registered charity from a single site. Serving the local community only. Design innovation Leadership Source: Hill (2001). Note * ‘Small’, ‘medium’ and ‘micro’ defined according to the European Commission’s definition of small and medium sized enterprises. gained in the survey, the organisations had advantages of a contrasting and complementary mix of management styles, organisational structures and cultures, markets and ambitions.

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