By Irmis B Popoff

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Irmis B.Popoff met P.D.Ouspensky in March 1941 in big apple and studied with him till his departure for England in January 1947. teams have been small and there have been no books. Ouspensky insisted: "Verify every thing for your self, don't believe anything," and admonished his scholars to "think, imagine" rather than being formatory. "Necessary to watch" was once one other piece of recommendation he could frequently repeat.Mrs. Popoff additionally met Mme Ouspensky who taught at Franklin Farms, close to Mendham in New Jersey.After Mr. Ouspensky's go back to England she studied with Willem Nijland and while G.I.Gurdjieff used to be in manhattan in 1948 she turned his scholar and studied the activities with him.

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This question referred to t^he names which had written Mr. ""U"". un asinthetil-U;l;;;". Ab;;ilt",";i sounds the note "do"; All pranets ioilow as "si". et tnis noii. Life of which man forms a part; it js a thin Il]oy,T nrm that covers the entire Earth and serves to pass on certain kinds of planetary, solar, and cosmic ,ribr"tior* to the M; f"; tn€ purpose of feeding it. r, organic life, which includbs man, and by that to *fri"f, inir'S;;;; refers as the "soul" of all living tni"gr *ti"rr g;'#""tiil; Moon at their death.

Attention must be studied in oneself; it is something with which to experiment personally. And since each person is different each one may have his own problem to face, his own discoveries to make in this connection. Actually I am my attention. Wherever it is, I am lost in it And the extent of the task involved in trying to direct it, to hold it wherever I wish it to be, is gigantic. Add the efrort to divide the attention, and my task becomes colossall Apart from the fact that man is asleep, I understood Mr.

By working on himself, a change in his own attitude toward his circumstaices will eventually come to him. This change in attitude will reflect itself in his surroundings. The greater the change in attitude, the more noticeable the change in life; each onJ can write hii own'ticket, so to speak. lthp"gh it_does exist and is limiting, insofar as one's sex, family background, place and time of birth, and so on, are concerned, work on oneself neutralizes these circumstances which become neither hindrance nor help but just plain circumstances that can be'used in our Work in order to try-to exert conscious efiorts questions, but it seems clear to me that man is subject to solar and planetary as well as lunar influences as a whole,'in the sense that these heavenly bodies were in deffnite positions in the heavens at the time of his conception and birth and they created tensions on the earth in which he was born.

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