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Appalled by means of what she'd visible of the Nazis in Berlin and Vienna, Nancy joined a resistance staff in Marseilles assisting to smuggle out escaped British prisoners. by way of 1943, Nancy had turn into the number 1 objective at the Gestapo's such a lot sought after record, and there has been a 5 million-franc cost on her head.

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When the Africans obtainedself-governmentand colonial influence weakened,the Army began to enjoy phenomenal growth. Nowhere can this be seenmore clearly than in what is now Zimbabwe and the East Africa Territory. With worship styles reflective of their culture and far different from those found in Great Britain or Canada,the Africans are leading the way in evangelism and growth. They €rrevery much African while remaining very much Salvation Army. The most basic problem that threatensinternationalism is when one culture tries to impose itself upon another.

T The story concerning the actuai name change is legendary. " The militia, termed "volunteers," lvere notorious for their low-level functioning and non-military bearing. Bramwell remarked, "Now see here! " The Founder reflected for a moment, crossedthe room and with pen in hand marked through the copy. "a The pamphlet that bore the name "The Christian Mission, under the superintendenceof changeexplained, Rev. "uRemarkingon the combination of faith and apparentfoolishnessof thesedeclarations,Salvation Army historian Robert Sandall reports, "the new Army had in the whole of England but fifty stations, manned by eighty-eight evangelists;and elsewhere-nothingl" 6 Thy Blood-Washed Army 25 It seemsto have been an idea that not only captured the imagination but mobilized people, particularly given the climate createdby expanding Christianity.

W T. Stead, early friend of Booth and editor of the respected Po11Mall Gazette, wrote: The Salvation Army is a phenomenon, look at it how we may, that is of enormous, almost unequaled importance . . an object lesson on which we shall do well to ponder; a revelation, the full significance of which has been but imperfectly appreciated; and a great concrete fact which may contain hidden within it the key to the solution of many of the most perplexing problems which confront the modern world. . To us the supreme distinction of The Salvation Army is that it has done more to realize the ideals of almost every social reformer, secular or religious, than any other organization we can name.

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