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This most sensible perform file indicates how the ability of operating humans might be harnessed within the reaction to AIDS. 11 case stories from various settings convey how exchange unions are mounting daring, resourceful responses to HIV within the office: demanding stigma and discrimination, addressing the criteria that elevate vulnerability and chance, instructing their contributors on HIV transmission prevention, delivering care and remedy and development world wide coalitions that crusade for extra to be performed to take on the affliction.

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Org 39 UNAIDS Perhaps the most blatant form of discrimination against people living with HIV was the widespread practice by employers throughout the region of requiring an HIV test before hiring or during employment. Employers would be informed of the test results but not the workers whose consent for the test might not have been obtained. People found to be HIVpositive would not be employed or would be dismissed. In El Salvador it was reported that even the Secretary for Labour demands HIV tests as a condition of employment.

The intention is that workplace clinics will be funded by employers, with targeted donations from pharmaceutical companies. Even with financial support from all these sources, funding gaps remain. ICEM has appointed a global project coordinator whose immediate task is to secure the funding to consolidate the project. AngloGold Ashanti South Africa AngloGold Ashanti’s HIV programme8 is the type of direct-service model the ICEM wishes to extend through its global project. AngloGold is an international gold mining company.

Now union delegates were demanding training that went beyond the membership and involved spouses and partners. The delegates argued that if the union movement did not wish to see more and more members dying from AIDS, it had to go beyond its normal boundaries. The only way to change people’s sexual behaviour was to talk to couples. The couples’ training programme had three objectives: • • • to encourage couples participating in the programme to adopt safer sexual practices; to develop couples as peer educators who would have the skills and knowledge to discuss safer sex affirmatively and accurately with their workplaces or communities; and to encourage voluntary counselling and testing and help for living positively with the virus.

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Global reach: how trade unions are responding to AIDS: case studies of union action: Case Studies of Union Action by UNAIDS

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