By Della Casa, Giovanni; Della Case, Giovanni; Van Sickle, John

ISBN-10: 0866982361

ISBN-13: 9780866982368

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2 December 1559, Rome, Santosuosso, "Le opere," 49-50. INTRODUCTION 32 will not be repeated under Vettori's care. The outcome, he predicts, will be excellent, and he promises to help by sending Vettori only not at once, since all that he has, he has the material in Venice but will be tied in Rome until a new pope When Rucellai got to Venice down is elected. towards the middle of the following year (1560), he wrote Vettori that such works as he found in Latin were mostly in disorder and not easily readable.

I mean Bembo, of good and best memory; and as for my things in Italian, for that I do not believe Your Lordship advised me to print them, still less in company with those of His Most Reverend Lordship; for that you will please wait till they are more and better, and thus I say also for my works in Latin. ^^ for printing, I leave it to whatever Quirini writes: printing the works of Cardinal Casa distinguishes between now Italian and Latin works and strikes his by familiar pose of reticence about their divulgation.

Si taceat sedens, . charms the senses 17, 21: yt ... Sic (as a girl ... so praise charms the soul). 1563, 1560 and Autograph: 17, 21: non praise . Vt . (a girl charms the does not charm a youth sc. as much soul). 1564, 1560: 24: Spernit psallere (scorns to perform) 1563 and Autograph: 24: Nescit psallere (does not know how to perform). 1560: 16-17: an entire strophe is inserted between these verses: Artus palladium non oleum fouet Defessos, calidi, nee latices, levat Languentes uigilum, nee serus sic oculos sopor Sensus non iuueni Virgo (Pallas's oil .

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