By Kenneth M Jones

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Frauwallner’s introduction to his translation of this chapter, pp. 187fF. ). See also p. 2 above, and the concluding verse o f our treatise. This is a quotation from the Sälistamba-s&tra (cf. Mahäyäna-Sütra-utrpgraha [ed. by P. L. Vaidya, Darbhanga, 1961], p. 10O). For the Pali version see MajjhimajXikâya pp. 190-1 (Pâli Text Society edition ). — Dharma, as equivalent to pratityalamutpâda, does not mean the Absolute T ruth (in which there is no dependent origina­ tion: cf. supra, p. 2), but is only a negative expression o f the Absolute.

We have already answered [the question relating to] the reason [for a negation] in the three times (traikälya )1, for the case is 46 THE DIALECTICAL METHOD OF NÄGÄRJUNA the same (samatvât). And a counter-reason for the three times (traikilyapratihetu) is obtained for the upholders of the doctrine of voidness {ßünyalävädinäin präptah). It has to be understood (pratyavagantavya) that the question why a negation is possible in the three times (hetus traikâlye pratifedhavâci ) has already received its answer (uktottarah).

2 dyotayati svätmänarp yathä hutäias tathä parätmänamj svaparätmänäv evarji prasädhayanti pramä(iänil / The view put forward in this verse is in accord with Nyâyasütra II , 1, 19: na, This seems, at least, to have been the view of pradtpaprakäia {siddhi)vat tatsiddhefy. TRANSLATION 27 Gautama and of some of his followers. Vätsyäyana’s interpretation is different. See on this question my paper entitled ‘On the Relationship between Nägärjuna’s Vigrahavyâoartanï and the N yäy a sü tra s in Journal o f Indo-European Studies (USA), forth­ coming issue.

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