By Strabo, Horace Leonard Jones

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Strabo (ca. sixty four BCE to ca. 25 CE), an Asiatic Greek of Amasia in Pontus, studied at Nysa and after forty four BCE at Rome. He turned a willing vacationer who observed a wide a part of Italy, a variety of close to jap areas together with the Black Sea, a number of components of Asia Minor, Egypt so far as Ethiopia, and elements of Greece. He used to be decades in Alexandria the place he without doubt studied arithmetic, astronomy, and heritage. Strabo's historic paintings is misplaced, yet his most vital Geography in seventeen books has survived. After introductory books, numbers three and four take care of Spain and Gaul, five and six with Italy and Sicily, 7 with north and east Europe, 8–10 with Greek lands, 11–14 with the most areas of Asia and with Asia Minor, 15 with India and Iran, sixteen with Assyria, Babylonia, Syria, and Arabia, 17 with Egypt and Africa. In define he follows the good mathematical geographer Eratosthenes, yet provides common descriptions of separate nations together with actual, political, and ancient info. A sequel to his ancient memoirs, Geography is deliberate it seems that for public servants instead of students—hence the money owed of actual gains and of ordinary items. at the mathematical facet it's a useful resource of knowledge approximately Eratosthenes, Hipparchus, and Posidonius. The Loeb Classical Library version of Strabo is in 8 volumes.

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369. ^ Some of the MSS. " "Tlie Divine Saviours" might refer to Ptolemy Soter and Berenice (see the Corais-Letronne edition, which cites Spannheim, De Pracstantia et Usu Numisviat. I, p. 415, and Visconti, Icovographie Grecqve II, 18, p. 564), but it was the Dioscuri (Castor and Pollux) who were known by "all" as "guardians of the sea" and " tlie saviours of sailors" (1. 3. 2 and 5. 3. 5). ; : VOL. Vlll. }? €tCr/3oA,^9 TOV Xifiipo^. Kol TO ecTTrepiov 8e aTOjxa ovk eveia^oKov icrrtv, ov fxrjv ToaavTr]<; ye Belrat '7TpovoLa

30 . . Mapewris * iroiTJo'oy MapaiSiTis E, Maplai moz, Troiriaav other MSS. . other GEOGRAPHY, 17. i. 7 north by the Aegyptian Sea, as it is called, and on the south by Lake Mareia, also called Mareotis. This is filled by many canals from the Nile, both from above and on the sides, and through these canals the imports are much larger than those from the sea, so that the harbour on the lake was in fact richer than that on the sea; and here the exports from and Alexandria also are larger than the imports anyone might judge, if he were at either Alexandria or Dicaearchia ^ and saw the merchant vessels both at their arrival and at their departure, how much heavier or lighter they sailed thither or therefrom.

Elal ofioLox; BiareTayp-evai rrjv Kara tou9 eTTiKaiplov^ tottov^. iav. 6 yovv iirl a'l dp-)(^ai, rroXirevopievoiV rcov rt']

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