By David Collins, Skip Williams

ISBN-10: 088038719X

ISBN-13: 9780880387194

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Missiles). Stimpson does not routinely carry these items. NORMAL EQUIPMENT: long sword, dagger, sap, light crossbow, 12 bolts, chain mail m o r , shield, rations; 3 acid vials, flask of cheap wine. Stimpson is without doubt the sleaziest permanent resident of Rockburgh, but few are fully aware of this. He is plausible, treacherous, suspicious of all associates, and pathologically untruthful. Furthermore, he normally does not carry out any of his crimes within Rockburgh itself, thus ensuring that nothing can be proved against him.

This means that the gargoyle takes four rounds to reach full speed, and that its flight path is utterly uncontrollable. A wingless tor gargoyle cartwheels through the skies, ricocheting like a pinball off all objects in its path. Such flights are short and almost inevitably end with the tor gargoyle plowing face-first into the ground. The non-magical wings of a tor gargoyle can be attacked separately from its magical body. The wings are hit on a successful roll to hit AC 0 when the attacker is specifically targeting the wings.

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Gargoyle (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd ed. Greyhawk Adventures module WG9) by David Collins, Skip Williams

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