By Pierce, John Benjamin; Blake, William

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Vala or "The 4 Zoas" is one in every of Blake's few surviving manuscripts and presents a chance to check an important evolution in his poetic perform. whereas the poem itself indicates a constant thematic curiosity, the modes and strategies of representing those pursuits underwent a thorough switch within the ten or extra years within which Blake wrote and transformed the poem. this article deals a longer and distinctive remedy of the sluggish shift that happened in Blake's poetics in the course of the composition, transcription and revision of "Vala" or "The 4 Zoas"

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The union of Tharmas and Enion, the consequent birth of Los and Enitharmon, followed by their nuptial feast and leading to Urizen's descent and attempted containment of Loss apparent will to power, all are events established along a causal or diachronic line of development. The choice of a narrative form is not altogether surprising given Blake's attempts to forge a cosmology through the late Lambeth period in The Books ofUrizen, The Book ofAhania and The Book of Los. Vala seems to be an attempt to develop this cosmology more fully.

196; see Plate 7). 158, 162). The hurried writing, relatively few slips or erasures, and the increased line-count suggest a rather rushed transcription, perhaps Blake's attempt to create a fair copy from a revised or messy rough draft. Before additions, the text of this section appears uniform in terms of theme, plot, characterization, image, and tone. Perhaps for these reasons Blake decided to bind these pages (and whatever else may have been lost) together as a completed unit. Bentley has established a date of sometime after the end of May 1802 for the transcription of pages 48ff.

References to events in the Bard's Song in Milton (115:12-17) and the doctrine of States and Individuals, without any explanation of these events, suggest that 12 Flexible Design Blake composed these pages after much of Milton was written, perhaps in an attempt to summarize important elements of his grand poetic universe within a narrow compass. In adding these pages to Vala, he seems to have been relatively unconcerned that the introduction of new and unexplained characters, events, or symbols to his main narrative might result in potentially irreparable damage to the poem; he seems to have been intent only upon a synoptic process of revision and expansion at any cost.

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Flexible design : revisionary poetics in Blake's Vala or The four Zoas by Pierce, John Benjamin; Blake, William

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