By Xiaowei Zang

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This much-needed paintings on ethnicity in Asia deals a big sociological research of Hui Muslims in modern China. utilizing either qualitative and quantitative facts derived from fieldwork in Lanzhou among March 2001 and July 2004, it appears on the distinction among the city lifetime of the Han humans, the ethnic majority within the urban of Lanzhou, and the Hui humans, the most important ethnic minority within the urban, and assesses the hyperlink among minority ethnicity and standard behaviour in city sociology and study on ethnic teams of China. In-depth interviews and survey facts presents a clean standpoint to the learn of ethnic behaviour in China, and provides a wealthy account of Hui behaviour in seven elements of city existence: neighbouring interplay, friendship formation, community behaviour, mate choice equipment, wife selection, marital homogamy, and family constitution. Contributing to the worldwide discourse on Islam, non secular fundamentalism and modernity, this booklet may be priceless to somebody drawn to chinese language society, Islam, faith, improvement, city stories, anthropology and ethnicity.

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For example, when asked about their monthly gross income in 2000, some respondents were not 16 New wine, old bottle willing to give a rough estimate. Instead, they took great pains to track down their monthly pay slips and then carefully added each item up with a calculator. Some respondents asked their spouses to join the discussions to correct their memories and ensure the accuracy of information they offered. This amazing level of cooperativeness, enthusiasm, and sincerity was perhaps based on four factors: 1 2 3 4 Most respondents were sampled for the first time in their lives.

20 The data set on which this book is based includes a mass survey (n = 1,992) conducted in Lanzhou in 2001, a collection of transcripts of more than 40,000 words gathered during the Lanzhou Survey, three hundred and sixty in-depth interviews with local residents conducted between 2002 and 2004, and field observations made intermittently between March 2001 and July 2004. The 2001 Lanzhou Survey The 2001 Lanzhou Survey was first discussed in late 1998 when the author of this book met a professor from People’s University in China.

They were trained for one week in late February 2001 and were guided and chaperoned during the Lanzhou Survey by Mr Feng and three of his colleagues in his institute. The author took part in the early stage of the Lanzhou Survey. In March 2003, exactly two years after the Lanzhou Survey started, the author met up again with some of the student interviewers in Lanzhou and they exchanged with one another fond memories of the Lanzhou Survey. During the survey, the student interviewers asked the respondents to provide detailed information about themselves and characteristics of and social interaction with their neighbors, friends, and other social contacts.

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