By Marisela Toselli, Ana María Millán

ISBN-10: 0071274391

ISBN-13: 9780071274395

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Then, practise the dialogues with your classmates. A 1 Did you pass the call on to Mr. Spencer? 2 Did he like the new furniture? 3 When did you finish? 4 What did he ask for? B 1 When did they deliver the goods? 2 Who did you call? 3 Who did he phone? 4 What did she prepare? C 1 What did they want? 2 When did it end? 3 What did you attend? 4 What did you rent? I passed it on a few minutes ago, sir. Yes, he liked it very much. I finished yesterday morning. He asked for the new price list. 2 They delivered them last Friday.

Teacher’s file Student’s Book 2 Students choose one of the salutation / closing pairs and write a letter for it. They need to make sure the body of the letter also matches the formal or informal style of the salutation and closing. Additional practice Peer teaching: Students exchange the letters and evaluate their style. Is it formal or informal? Does it match the style of the salutation / closing pair? , why not try…? Workbook, page 19 Answer key, p. 114. Business envelopes and letters 1 Students organise the information and use it to address the envelopes correctly.

Give them a few minutes to discuss the questions. After a few minutes, bring the smaller groups together as one large group. Each small group summarises what they discussed and any important points that arose. OPTIONAL SPEAKING EVALUATION Speaking evaluation chart, p. 111. 1 Write these messages on the board. Students use the information from the messages to recreate one of the conversations between the receptionist and the caller. Message 1: To: Brian Hall From: Harry Scott Message: The tickets to Berlin are available in his office.

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English for secretaries and administrative personnel, Teacher's Book by Marisela Toselli, Ana María Millán

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