By Kevin McCormick

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Engineers are a key occupational crew within the transformation of the fashionable international. Contrasts among Japans fiscal miracle and Britains relative monetary decline have usually been associated with changes in schooling, education and employment of engineers. but, such perspectives have usually rested on little greater than vibrant anecdotes and selective records. utilizing cautious and systematic comparisons, Kevin McCormick locates the diversities among rhetoric and truth to brush aside either the inflated claims of the Nineteen Eighties and the over the top detraction of the Nineteen Nineties with Japans lengthy recession.

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The outbreak of the Korean war with the boost of ‘special procurements’ coupled with rising exports to south east Asia from 1950 were very important factors in boosting industrial production up to pre-war levels. However, the stimulus was not just in volume terms, since Japanese industry had to improve standards to meet American military procurement requirements. By 1952, independence had been granted and the Japanese administration had more freedom to shape its own economic and industrial policy.

Of the 20 higher education institutions in 1914 (universities, higher technical and higher commercial schools), 11 were regular suppliers to industry and these included the four prominent institutions—the Imperial University (later Tokyo University), Keio University, Tokyo Higher Commercial School (later Hitotsubashi University), and Tokyo Technical School (later Tokyo Institute of Technology) (Yonekawa 1984:194). The shift in initiative to private industry in industrialisation and the significance of industrial employment in stimulating engineering education can be seen in the changing proportion of technology graduates in industrial employment.

While the Ministry of Public Works and the Engineering College reflected the sympathies and links of the Choshu faction of the Meiji government with Britain, other factions had different orientations and connections. The Science Faculty in Tokyo University had reflected other links with a larger proportion of German teachers and a greater emphasis on theory in teaching. In the new Imperial University, these influences were brought together in a new synthesis. For a decade, Tokyo had a monopoly of the supply of engineering graduates (indeed of all graduates) until the second Imperial University was created in Kyoto (in 1896), stimulated in part by the Sino-Japanese War of 1894–95.

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Engineers in Japan and Britain: Education, Training and Employment (Nissan Institute Routledge Japanese Studies Series) by Kevin McCormick

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