By Robert D. Morritt

ISBN-10: 1443824895

ISBN-13: 9781443824897

Echoes from the Greek Bronze Age is the results of a lot that the writer has learn over a number of years. it's a examine of the techniques and works of early thinkers, from Hecataeus the early cartographer, to Herodotus survey of the then 'known world,' the concepts of Anaxagoras, Xenophon s descriptions, and the sayings of Xenophanes. Simones paintings at the paintings of reminiscence, 'The Loci' and its impression such a lot of years in a while Giordano Bruno declared as a heretic also are explored. This publication will curiosity readers who get pleasure from background, archaic clinical observations and people who want a sturdy learn, instead of that came across inside a turgid Classical monograph.

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His midcareer conversion resulted in the latter work's systematic exaggeration of degree longitudes in the Mediterranean by a factor close to the ratio of the two seriously differing sizes discussed here, which indicates that the conventional size of the earth was what changed, not the stadion. Although Eratosthenes' method was well founded, the accuracy of his calculation was inherently limited. The accuracy of Eratosthenes' measurement would have been reduced by the fact that Syene is slightly north of the Tropic of Cancer, is not directly south of Alexandria, and the sun appears as a disk located at a finite distance from the earth instead of as a point source of light at an infinite distance.

A parallel later legendary ancient measurement of the size of the earth was made by another influential Greek scholar, Posidonius. He is said to have noted that the star Canopus was hidden from view in most parts of Greece but that it just grazed the horizon at Rhodes. Posidonius is supposed to have measured the elevation of Canopus at Alexandria and determined that the angle was 1/48th of circle. He assumed the distance from Alexandria to Rhodes to be 5000 stadia, and so he computed the Earth's circumference in stadia as 48 times 5000 = 240,000.

Taking his stand upon this utterance, Leotychides proceeded to prove that Demaratos was not born of Ariston nor was rightfully reigning over Sparta; and he produced as witnesses those Ephors who chanced then to have been sitting with Ariston in council and to have heard him say this.. At last, as there was contention about those matters, the Spartans resolved to ask the Oracle at Delphi whether Demaratos was the son of Ariston. The question then having been referred by the arrangement of Cleomenes to the Pythian prophetess, thereupon Cleomenes gained over to his side Cobon the son of Aristophantos, who had most power among the Delphians, and Cobin persuaded Perialla the prophetess of the Oracle to say that which Cleomenes desired to have said.

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