By Bede, J. E. King

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Bede 'the Venerable,' English theologian and historian, was once born in 672 or 673 CE within the territory of the one monastery at Wearmouth and Jarrow. He was once ordained deacon (691–2) and priest (702–3) of the monastery, the place his entire existence was once spent in devotion, choral making a song, examine, educating, dialogue, and writing. in addition to Latin he knew Greek and doubtless Hebrew. Bede's theological works have been mainly commentaries, often allegorical in approach, established with acknowledgment on Jerome, Augustine, Ambrose, Gregory, and others, yet bearing his personal character. In one other type have been works on grammar and one on traditional phenomena; distinct curiosity within the vexed query of Easter led him to jot down concerning the calendar and chronology. yet his so much sought after construction is his Ecclesiastical background of the English kingdom. right here a transparent and straightforward sort united with descriptive powers to provide a sublime paintings, and the proof diligently gathered from stable resources make it a priceless account. ancient are also his Lives of the Abbots of his monastery, the fewer profitable debts (in verse and prose) of Cuthbert, and the Letter (November 734) to Egbert his scholar, so very important for our wisdom concerning the Church in Northumbria. The Loeb Classical Library version of Bede's old works is in volumes.

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