By Michael Barrie

ISBN-10: 9400715692

ISBN-13: 9789400715691

This leading edge research of noun incorporation and similar linguistic phenomena does greater than simply supply readers an insightful exploration of its topic. the writer re-evaluates—and forges hyperlinks between—two influential theories of word constitution: Chomsky’s naked word constitution and Richard Kayne’s Antisymmetry. The textual content info how the 2 linguistic paradigms have interaction to reason differing styles of noun incorporation throughout international languages. With an effective empirical starting place in its shut interpreting of Northern Iroquoian languages particularly, Barrie argues that noun incorporation wishes no exact mechanism, yet effects from a symmetry-breaking operation.

Drawing extra info from English, German, Persian, Tamil and the Polynesian language Niuean, this synthesis has significant implications for our knowing of the formation of the verbal advanced and the intra-position (roll-up) stream. it is going to be precedence analyzing for college students of word constitution, in addition to Iroquoian language scholars.

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M . ’ atatREFL - aehse˛thwkick- aT PUNC Here, the reflexive morpheme atat must find its resolution outside the word that contains it. Thus, atat must corefer to John. One final example is found in a particular kind of Blackfoot wh-question. 40. tsa ááni anná Mary anní John omaanistsíkkamiyoowatahpi aniskayi apastaminam? VTA-EPEN-NZLR-INANIM. SG ann-yi-ahk-yi DET- OBV- INVIS - INANIM . ’ (embedded scope on ‘how’) The embedded verbal complex contains a degree variable, aanist, which is bound by the wh-element, tsa, in the left edge of the matrix clause.

9 Nunes’ (2004) conception of Move actually consists of a composite of four operations: Copy + Merge + Form Chain + Chain Reduction. 30 2 Theoretical Background one of the two elements must raise to break the symmetry. Within the Minimalist Program movement has been argued to take place to remove strong uninterpretable features (Chomsky 1993, 1995b) or to satisfy a poorly understood EPP feature (Chomsky 2000, 2001). I assume that movement can take place for reasons other than the satisfaction of the LCA; however, I do not take a stance here on exactly how these triggers are to be understood.

From the child’s perspective, then, having two possible transformations available to account for the same overt displacement severely complicates language acquisition in a way that a model of grammar that holds that head movement does not exist does not. Another problem with head-movement is the lack of a clear understanding of how it works in BPS. , substitution and adjunction) has vanished, I do not dwell on this point. Furthermore, In X-Bar Theory, nodes are assigned bar levels derivationally as in 23a, but this option is not available in BPS, which distinguishes only between categories and heads.

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