By Stéphanie J. Bakker, Gerry Wakker

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21 Infinitives were left out. Absolute numbers are given in brackets. In the case of ὡς, the numbers for Herodotus are given in square brackets, as there is reason to assume that in the Ionic dialect ὡς fulfills at least partly the role played by ὅτι in Attic and therefore occurs much more often; cf. Monteil (1963: 399); Willi (2002b: 115–6). 32 luuk huitink A first observation concerning these data is that the rate of occurrence of ὅτι-complements and therefore of asserted information after cognitive verbs does not differ much from the findings of Spenader (2003) for spoken English (see above, section 2), which suggests that the cognitive verbs are not particularly strongly associated with pragmatic presupposition in Greek either.

Nestor hears the sound of galloping horses and hopes it is the two heroes coming back (‘May these be really Odysseus and strong Diomedes / driving away from the Trojans’, Il. 536–7). Immediately afterwards the narrator tells: (12) οὔ πω πᾶν εἴρητο ἔπος ὅτ’ ἄρ’ ἤλυθον αὐτοί. He had not yet spoken all his words, when they really did arrive, [Odysseus and Diomedes] in person. (Il. 540; the narrator) πολεμεῖν τε ἱκανοὶ εἴησαν καὶ εὐνοϊκῶς ἔχοιεν αὐτῷ ‘He took care that they should be capable soldiers and should feel kindly toward himself’ [translation adapted from Brownson, Loeb].

3. 1. General arguments Before discussing individual instances, I will first advance a number of general arguments from typology and specific usages, in order to place my claim on a secure theoretical footing. As our starting point we may take the only earlier attempt to find a pragmatic distinction between complementary participles and finite complement clauses. It is here quoted in full: (11) En effet, on y suggère que, plus la complétive est syntaxiquement intégrée à la principale, cas de la construction participiale, plus elle house was on fire’.

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