By Donald J. Borror

One of many extraordinary difficulties of the biologist, no matter if he be starting pupil or experts, is that of realizing technical phrases. how one can comprehend and have in mind technical phrases is to appreciate first their part components, or roots. This dictionary has been designed essentially to satisfy the wishes of the start scholar, the clinical pupil, and the taxonomist, however it can be of price to all biologists.

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Al·so (ôlʹsō), adv. in addition; too. [< OE ealswā all so, quite so] also ran (ôlʹsō ran´), person who is roundly defeated in a contest, as an election. , 1 alternate. 2 altitude. al·tar (ôlʹtәr), n. 1 table or stand in the most sacred part of a church, synagogue, or temple. 2 an elevated structure on which sacrifices are offered to a deity. 3 Fig. focus of something, as an ideal: the altar of ambition. [< LL,

Al·ka·loid (alʹkә loid), n. any organic base containing nitrogen. Many alkaloids from plants are drugs, such as strychnine, morphine, and quinine. al·ka·loi·dal (al´kә loiʹdәl), adj. of or having to do with an alkaloid or alkaloids. all (ôl), adj. 1 the whole of: all Europe. 2 every one of: all men. 3 the greatest possible: with all speed. —pron. 1 (pl. in use) the whole number: all of us are going. 2 (sing. in use) everything: all that glitters is not gold. —adv. 1 entirely: the cake is all gone.

2 native or inhabitant of the Western Hemisphere. 3 ϭAmerican English. pl. collection of objects or documents about America, esp. its history. American Dream, idea of success and achievement as being available or possible in the United States. American English, English as written and spoken in the United States. American Indian, one of the people who were already living in America long before Europeans arrived. A·mer·i·can·ism (ә merʹә kәn iz´әm), n. 1 devotion or loyalty to the United States, its customs, traditions, etc.

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