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Dictionary of Media reports КНИГИ ; ГУМАНИТАРНЫЕ НАУКИ Автор: коллектив авторов Название: Dictionary of Media reviews Издательство: A & C Black PublishersГод: 2006 Формат: pdf Размер: 7 Mb Язык: английскийCovering tv, movie, radio, and theatre, this dictionary includes hundreds of thousands of phrases and expressions customary within the media and leisure industries and in school room analyses of the at huge. even if an individual desires to discover the definition of cinema verité or find out about the elements of a storyboard, this dictionary has the solutions. And with scholars all over the world majoring in media reports or enrolling in media reports classes, the necessity for a extra verified nomenclature and customary definitions is bigger than ever. rapidshare zero 1 2 three four five

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A sponsorship message shown before, after and in the breaks of a sponsored television programme billing / blŋ/ noun 1. the particular importance or prominence given to a performer or event in advertisements 2. the details such as the cast list and length of a radio or television programme, as supplied to the Broadcasting Data Services 3. the total amount of business done over a given period, especially in advertising 4. the way in which a performance, event, or product is publicised billing form / blŋ fɔ m/ noun one of the four forms which must be submitted when delivering a programme to the BBC, giving billing details for listings magazines.

A few words accompanying a picture or piece of artwork 2. a short piece of on-screen writing which explains something that is happening, for example the name of a person that is talking 3. e. ’ [Rebecca Tyrell, The Daily Telegraph] caption capture card carabiner | carbon process card deck cardioid microphone card rate caret caricature carnival carnival / kɑ nv(ə)l/ noun the idea of an ‘escape from reality’, in which people temporarily ignore the restrictions society normally imposes on them and enjoy excess in all its forms for a short period carousel / k rə sel/ noun a circular holder for photographic slides that turns through the projector so that the pictures can be viewed one after the other carousel | carrier carrier / k riə/ noun 1.

Catalyst effect / k təlst  fekt/ noun the process whereby coverage of an issue in the media can draw attention to it or present it in a particular way, which can lead to knock-on effects for the issue itself, such as increased funding for a charity catch /k tʃ/ verb to manage to capture somebody or something on film or tape catchline / k tʃlan/ noun a word at the top of a script that identifies an item on a radio programme. Also called slug catchword / k tʃw d/ noun the first word on a page of printed text, that also appears in the bottom right-hand corner of the previous page, originally placed there to draw the binder’s attention to it catharsis /kə θɑ ss/ noun the idea that exposure to emotive media products such as violence on television, or a tragic play in a theatre, is therapeutic for the audience and releases emotions in a harmless way cathode ray tube / k θəυd re tju b/ noun a display device for television and computer screens which uses cast off castoff casual casualisation | catalyst effect | catch catchline catchword catharsis | cathode ray tube electron beams fired at the screen’s phosphorescent coating to display video pictures Catholic Legion of Decency Catholic Legion of Decency / k θlk li d (ə)n əv di s(ə)nsi/ noun a US pressure group advocating severe film censorship from the 1930s, made up of religious leaders from all Catholic denominations CATV CATV abbreviation TV community antenna television CBC abbreviation BROADCAST Canadian Broadcasting Corporation cc / si si / noun a copy of an e-mail message sent to another recipient í verb CBC cc to copy a message to another recipient, either by using the cc line on an e-mail or by sending a photocopy CC CC abbreviation closed captioning CCIR 601 / si si a ɑ sks əυ w n/ CCIR 601 noun a recommended standard for defining digital video c-clamp / si kl mp/ noun the standard clamp used to attach lights to a studio’s lighting rig c-clamp CCTV CCTV abbreviation BROADCAST, TV closed-circuit television CCU abbreviation camera control unit CD / si di / noun a small disk on which CCU CD data can be stored and read by a computer or other device CD+G / si di pl s d i /, CD+Graphics / si di pl s r fks/ noun a CD format that adds graphics data to an audio disc and so can be used to store song title information or display the lyrics of the song for use in karaoke CD-ROM / si di rɒm/ noun a disc which has computer-readable data on it CD+G CD-ROM CDV CDV abbreviation RECORDING, VIDEO CD-video CD-video CD-video / si di vdiəυ/ noun 1.

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