By Tony Jaques

ISBN-10: 0313027994

ISBN-13: 9780313027994

ISBN-10: 0313335362

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Lead Reviewer: Dr. Daniel Coetzee, self reliant student, London, united kingdom evaluate Board: Jeremy Black, collage of Exeter, united kingdom Dr. Frances F. Berdan, Professor of Anthropology, California country college, San Bernardino David A. Graff, affiliate Professor, division of background, Kansas country college Dr. Kevin Jones, collage university London Dr. John Laband, Wilfrid Laurier collage, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada Dr. Carter Malkasian, middle for Naval research Mr. Toby McLeod, Lecturer in glossy background, collage of Birmingham, united kingdom Dr. Tim Moreman, self sustaining pupil, London, united kingdom Professor invoice Nasson, division of old reports, college of Cape city, South Africa Dr. David Nicolle, Honourary study Fellow, Nottingham collage, united kingdom Dr. Kaushik Roy, Lecturer, division of background, Presidency university, Kolkata, India Dennis Showalter, Professor of historical past, Colorado university Dr. Stephen Turnbull, Lecturer in jap spiritual stories, division of Theology and spiritual stories, Leeds collage, united kingdom Professor Michael Whitby, Professor of Classics and old heritage, college of Warwick, UK

Over 8,500 battles and sieges are covered-easily the main exhaustive reference resource in this simple element of army background. completely vetted by means of knowledgeable board of interval and nearby specialists, this dictionary bargains effortless to discover A-Z entries that hide conflicts from essentially each period and position of human historical past. as well as exhaustive assurance of global conflict II, global warfare I, the yank Civil struggle, medieval wars, and conflicts in the course of the classical period, this dictionary covers battles fought in pre-modern Africa, the center East, historical and Medieval India, China, and Japan, and early meso-American struggle as well.

Going well past the common maximum or such a lot influential conflict structure, The Dictionary of Battles and Sieges deals readers details they might be hard-pressed to discover at any place else. Entries have been reviewed by way of sector and interval specialists to make sure accuracy and to supply the broadest assurance attainable. Jaques's Dictionary is really worldwide in scope, protecting East Asia, South Asia, Eurasia, Europe, Africa, Mesoamerica, and North and South the United States. Battles from wars nice and small are within the dictionary, together with battles from this very short sampling of wars lined, indexed to offer an idea of the book's deep assurance: Egyptian-Syrian Wars (1468 BC); the Assyrian Wars (724 - 648 BC); Greco-Persian Wars (498 - 450 BC); the Conquests of Alexander the good (335-326 BC); Rome's Gallic Wars (121-52 BC); Han Imperial Wars (208); Hun-Ostrogoth Wars (454-68); Sino-Vietnamese Wars (547-605); Mecca-Medina struggle (624-30); Jinshin conflict (672); Berber uprising (740-61); Viking Raids on, and in, Britain (793-954); Sino-Annamese warfare (938); Byzantine army Rebellions (978-89); Afghan Wars of Succession (998-1041); Russian Dynastic Wars (1016-94); Reconquista (1063-1492); Crusader-Muslim Wars (1100- 1179); Swedish Wars of Succession (1160-1210); Conquests of Genghis Khan (1202-27); William Wallace rebel (1297-1304); Hundred Years warfare (1337-1453); conflict of Chioggia (1378-80); Vijayanagar-Bahmani Wars (1367-1406); Ottoman Civil Wars (1413-81); Mongol-Uzbek Wars (1497-1512); German Knights' struggle (1523); Burmese-Laotian Wars (1574); Cambodian-Spanish battle (1599); King Philip's conflict (1675-77); Franco-Barbary Wars (1728); Bengal conflict (1763-65); French innovative Wars (1792-1801); Chilean struggle of Independence (1813-26); Boer-Zulu warfare (1838); Indian Mutiny (1858-59); Mexican-French battle (1862-67); Sino-Japanese conflict (1894-95); global conflict I (1914-18); Anhwei-Chihli warfare (1920); international struggle II (1939-45) Mau Mau rebellion (1955); 2d Indo-Pakistani battle (1965); Angolan struggle (1987-88); second Gulf conflict (2003- ).

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See Appendix Spanish Territorial Wars: Tamaron, 1037; Atapuerca, 1054 Seljuk Wars of Expansion: Nishapur, 1037; Dandanaqan, 1040; Hasankale, 1048; Isfahan, 1050–1051; Tarq, 1051; Manzikert, 1054; Baghdad, 1055; Rayy, 1059; Kufah, 1060 Scottish War of Succession: Elgin, 1040; Dunsinane, 1054; Lumphanan, 1057; Essie, 1058 Later Byzantine Military Rebellions: Ostrovo, 1043; Constantinople, 1047 German-Magyar War: Raab, 1044 Rise of William of Normandy: Val-es-Dunes, 1047; Mortemer, 1054; Varaville, 1058 Fall of Ghana: Audaghost, 1054; Kumbi, 1076 Earlier Nine Years War: Torinomi, 1057; Kawasaki, 1058; Komatsu, Kuriyagawa, 1062 Early Christian Reconquest of Spain: Graus, 1063; Coimbra (Portugal), 1064; Cabra, 1079; Almenar, 1082; Ebro, 1084; Toledo (Spain), 1084–1085; Zallaka, 1086; Almodovar del Rio, 1091; Cuarte, Valencia (Valencia), 1093–1094; Alcoraz, 1096; Bairen, 1097; Mollerusa, 1102; Ucle´s, 1108; Valtierra, 1110; Saragossa, 1118; Cutanda, 1120; Arinsol, 1126; Cullera, 1129; Fraga, 1134; Tortosa, 1148; Alarcos, 1195; Las Navas de Tolosa, 1212; Cordova, 1236; Seville, 1248 Norwegian Invasion of England: Fulford, Stamford Bridge, 1066 Norman Conquest of Britain: Hastings, 1066; Exeter, 1068; Durham, 1069; York, 1069–1070; Ely, 1071; Norwich, 1075; Durham, 1080 War of the Three Sanchos: Viana, 1067 Byzantine-Pecheneg Wars: Mount Leburnion, 1091; Eski Zagra, 1122 Anglo-Scottish Territorial Wars: Alnwick, 1093; Clitheroe, Standard, 1138 1st Crusade: Civetot, Wieselburg, Xerigordon, 1096; Albara, Antioch (Syria), Dorylaeum, Heraclea (Anatolia), Nicaea, Tarsus, 1097; Antioch (Syria), 1097–1098; Arqa, Edessa, Harenc, Jerusalem, Maarat an-Numan, Orontes, 1098; Ascalon, Jerusalem, 1099 Crusader-Muslim Wars: Melitene, 1100; Heraclea (Anatolia), Mersivan, Ramleh, 1101; Joppa, Ramleh, Tripoli (Lebanon), 1102; Acre, Harran, 1104; Artah, Ramleh, 1105; Khabar, 1107; Menbij, 1108; Tripoli (Lebanon), 1109; Beirut, Sidon, 1110; Tyre, 1110– 1111; Tel-Danith, 1115; Antioch (Syria), 1119; Ascalon, 1123; Tyre, 1124; Azaz, 1125; Anazarbus, 1130; Edessa, 1144; Edessa, 1146; Inab, 1149; Ascalon, 1153; Baniyas, Mallaha, 1157; Artah, 1164; Montgisard, 1177; Baniyas, 1179 2nd Byzantine-Norman War: Dyrrhachium, 1107 Jurchen Invasion of Northern China: Songhua, 1114 Later Eastern Muslim Dynastic Wars: Ghazni, 1117 Jin-Song Wars: Kaifeng, 1126–1127; Nanjing, 1129; Chenjia, Caishi, 1161; De’an, Xiangyang, 1206–1207 Portuguese War of Succession: Sao Mamede, 1128 War of Flemish Succession: Alost, Thielt, 1128 Moray Rebellion: Stracathro, 1130 Norman-Papal War: Garigliano, 1139 Christian Reconquest of Portugal: Ourique, 1139; Lisbon, Santarem, 1147; Alcacer do Sol, 1158; Alcacer do Sol, 1217 War of Castilian Succession: Lantada, 1068; Golpejerra, Zamora, 1072 Portuguese-Castilian Wars: Arcos de Valdevez, 1140 Byzantine-Turkish Wars: Sebastia, 1070; Manzikert, 1071; Antioch (Syria), 1085; Aleppo, 1086; Co- English Period of Anarchy: Lincoln, Oxford, Winchester, 1141; Wilton, 1143; Wallingford, 1153 xxx Chronological Reference Guide Wars of the Great Seljuk Sultanate: Samarkand, 1141; Balkh, 1153; Shahr Rey, 1194 2nd Crusade: Dorylaeum, 1147; Damascus, 1148; Mopsuestia, 1152 Ghor-Ghazni Wars: Ghazni, 1148; Ghazni, 1151 Frederick’s 1st Expedition to Italy: Tortona, 1155 1st Byzantine-Sicilian War: Apulia, 1155; Brindisi, 1156 Hogen War: Shirakawa, 1156 Danish War of Succession: Grathe Heath, 1157 Frederick’s 2nd Expedition to Italy: Cassano, Milan, 1158; Crema, 1159–1160; Milan, 1161–1162 Heiji War: Rokuhara, 1160 Swedish Wars of Succession: Upsala, 1160; Visingo, 1167; Gestilren, 1210 Conquests of Genghis Khan: Kerulen, Khalakhaljit, 1203; Khangai, 1204; Irtysh, 1208; Beijing, 1214– 1215; Jand, Kashgar, 1218; Otrar, 1219–1220; Bokhara, Hamadan, Khojend, Samarkand, 1220; Bamian, Gurganj, Indus, Merv, Nishapur, Parwan, Durrah, 1221; Herat, 1221–1222; Kuban, 1222; Kalka, 1223; Yellow River, 1227 Wars of Sosso: Kumbi, 1203; Kirina, 1235 Anglo-French Wars: Chateau Gaillard, 1203–1204; Damme, 1213; Bouvines, 1214; Toulouse, 1218; Saintes, Taillebourg, 1242; Cape St Mathieu, 1293 Ghor-Khwarezm War: Andkhui, 1205 Albigensian Crusade: Beziers, Carcassonne, 1209; Muret, 1213; Avignon, 1226 1st Latin-Byzantine Imperial War: Antioch (Anatolia), Rhyndacus, 1211 Crusader Invasion of Egypt: Alexandria, El Ashmunien, 1167; Damietta, 1169 1st English Barons’ War: Rochester, 1215; Dover, 1216–1217; Lincoln, South Foreland, 1217; Bytham, 1221; Bedford, 1224 Wars of the Lombard League: Rome, 1167; Ancona, 1173; Alessandria, 1174–1175; Legnano, 1176 Early Russian Dynastic Wars: Lipitsa, 1216 Danish Wars of Expansion: Arkona, 1168; Stralsund, 1184; Reval, 1219; Molln, 1225; Bornhoved, 1227 Anglo-Norman Conquest of Ireland: Waterford, 1170; Dublin, 1171 Byzantine-Venetian War, 1171–1177.

See Appendix Mughal Dynastic War: Kabul, 1504; Kandahar, 1520– 1522 Spanish Colonial Wars in North Africa: Mers el Kebir, 1505; Oran, 1509; Bougie, Los Gelves, Tripoli (Libya), 1510; Algiers, 1511 Portuguese Colonial Wars in Arabia: Muscat, 1507; Hormuz, 1507–1508; Aden, 1513; Hormuz, 1515; Bahrain, 1521 War of the League of Cambrai: Cadore, 1508; Agnadello, Padua, 1509 Spanish Conquest of Puerto Rico, 1508–1511. See Appendix Persian-Uzbek Wars: Merv, 1510; Damghan, Herat, Torbat-i-Jam, 1528 Spanish Conquest of Cuba, 1511–1513.

See Appendix English Invasion of Ireland: Athenry, 1316; Dysert O’Dea, 1318 Venetian-Genoese Wars: Saseno, 1264; Trapani, 1266; Laiazzo, 1294; Kaffa, 1296; Curzola, 1298; Constantinople, 1352; Sapienza, 1354 1st Ethiopian-Ifat War, 1320–1332. See Appendix Angevin Conquest of the Two Sicilies: Benevento, 1266; Tagliacozzo, 1268 Serbian Imperial Wars: Velbuzhde, 1330; Stefaniana, 1344; Adrianople, 1355 8th Crusade: Carthage (Tunisia), 1270 Genko War: Akasaka, 1331; Chihaya, Kamakura, Kyoto, 1333 Mamluk-Nubian War, 1272–1275.

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