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Ere is always a reaction, and it is invariably driven by negative emotions or, worse, the passions, so when that experience arises we lose the ability to stay with what we are doing, and get lost in the clouds created by those reactions. But remember, staying mindful and at one with this particular activity is no different from staying with the meditation subject while meditating. In our meditation we are always bringing ourselves back to the centre. Do you think that we should be doing something different when we are engaged in a daily activity?

It consists of humanizing ourselves by containing and restraining selfinterest and the destructive outflows — our habitual way of being. Indeed, the laws of the land demand that we maintain a certain degree of sila. Samadhi is the cultivation of the ability to stay in a state of one-pointed self-awareness, to know ourselves from moment to moment in whatever situation we find ourselves. e foundation of this development is laid in our meditation, where we learn to disengage from our continual mental chatter and contain the negative emotional outflows and passions, thus enabling us to bring ourselves back, again and again, to the centre of our self-awareness.

With stillness, the awareness that is 31 now stronger than ever can begin to look through all those thoughts and activities with skilful insight tools and see the truth of the world that grasps us all. Little by little, as it sees deeper and deeper, as it journeys through the world, little bits of ‘me and mine’ drop off because they no longer deceive. Finally the world stills and its power, which we so invest in, fades. It is then that awakening will take place — which is an absolute, concrete guarantee.

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