By Dianne L. Ferguson, Ginevra Ralph, Gwen Meyer, Jackie Lester, Cleo Droege, Hafdis Guojonsdottir, Nad

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Arranged a bicycle safety class with Collins Cycle Shop. Took a field trip to WISTEC Planetarium. Purchased board games for classroom and home use. Designed an extensive sewing project (made teddy bears). Developed a project for students to collect junk and make hundreds of charts. Purchased a Polaroid camera and used it. Made plaster handprints of each child. Shared nursery rhymes with children orally through read-alouds and videotapes. Arranged for a presentation on bus safety. Implemented use of homework notebooks.

For other students, a whole-group approach to activity-based assessment still results in valuable individual information. Activity-based assessment can be used in several ways with whole groups. We offer three. We realize that teachers don’t have time to interview all their students. qxd 3/6/06 9:19 AM Page 28 DESIGNING PERSONALIZED LEARNING All Students Complete the Age-Appropriate List EVERY STUDENT dents write down or talk about preferred activities without using the lists as a source. 5, on page 31, was created by two teachers; Ms.

We planned and implemented more than 30 activities at school or in the community and recommended that many be carried out at home. 2 shows a parent-generated list of activities that became the curriculum. We gave such lists to families of the kindergarten children. Parents created similar ones throughout the school year to inform families of our work together. 2 Example of Parent-Generated Activities That Became the Curriculum These projects were discussed, researched, planned, or completely carried out by families.

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Designing Personalized Learning for Every Student by Dianne L. Ferguson, Ginevra Ralph, Gwen Meyer, Jackie Lester, Cleo Droege, Hafdis Guojonsdottir, Nad

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