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Additionally, many fermented milk products must withstand mechanical shear (pumping and/or stirring) without any liquid separation. The foods almost always must have a smooth, creamy mouthfeel with or without milkfat in the formulation. And, don’t forget this rule: Thou shalt not be grainy! Because consumers in part select such products based on textural attributes, they will not tolerate significant texture variation. Hence, gaining a more complete understanding of those factors that can influence fermented milk product texture is the first step to achieving consistent control and delivery of desired textural attributes.

World consumption of dairy is increasing,” he says, and farmers are more efficient. “Retailers are devoting more shelf space to cheese. Consumers see it as a positive food,” Zoghbi says. He’s tying that momentum to teams of motivated market researchers, brand managers and food scientists. They have already demonstrated their talents for developing new products, extending brands into new SKUs and making foods safely in an environmentally friendly manner. With bets like Philadelphia Cooking Creme paying off, expect more innovative products to come to market.

The presence of these beneficial bacteria can have longterm consequences for reducing intestinal pathogens, promoting neural development and decreasing the risk of developing allergies, asthma, eczema and autoimmune diseases. Dairy foods, such as yogurt, are traditional delivery vehicles for probiotics, but face strong competition from dietary supplements. To compete against the supplement industry, the dairy industry needs to focus on milk’s distinctive healthy halo, as well as the unique structures and functions of BMOs and their synbiotic relationship to probiotics.

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