By Jim Allen, Yuki Inenaga, Rolf van der Velden, Keiichi Yoshimoto

ISBN-10: 1402060432

ISBN-13: 9781402060434

ISBN-10: 1402060440

ISBN-13: 9781402060441

This booklet investigates how social and cultural components have an effect on the schooling, education and profession improvement of graduates of upper schooling in Japan and the Netherlands. regardless of their diversified ancient paths, either nations are actually topic to the typical strain of globalization. accordingly, the better schooling quarter in either international locations is turning into extra common and to be had to a bigger inhabitants, and the economic system and society have gotten more and more knowledge-intensive. the purpose of this booklet is to discover how Dutch and jap graduates decide upon and strengthen their careers in connection with the above-mentioned demanding situations. it truly is in accordance with a distinct information set which includes surveys held between graduates three and eight years after leaving greater education.

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Not included in this analysis are labour market policies regarding wage structure, income policy or labour conditions, nor policies to counter cyclical and structural problems in the economy. Evidently, these problems have their repercussions on the graduate labour market and the 1990s have experienced periods of high demand and surplus supply due to economic depression and the collapse of the bubble economy in Japan. 28 Ogata et al. 2 Policies on the Macro Level The policy question of how to ensure that higher education contributes effectively to labour market needs has to be considered in the context of the general steering relationships between government and higher education.

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Competencies, Higher Education and Career in Japan and the Netherlands by Jim Allen, Yuki Inenaga, Rolf van der Velden, Keiichi Yoshimoto

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