By Cao Jinqing

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This article had an incredible impression in its unique chinese language model. Reviewed within the some distance East monetary overview as 'one of the richest pics of the chinese language geographical region released within the reform era', it charts a protracted trip throughout the hinterland zone of the Yellow River undertaken through the writer among 1994 and 1996. It examines in exhaustive element the lives and paintings of peasants, celebration and native govt officers, offering a wealth of knowledge at the nature of existence in post-reform rural China. the writer argues that worldwide integration is however the most modern 'great step forward' in a succession of reforms over 100 years.

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The first time was 1987–8, and the second was 1992–3. All xiangs and villages had to set them up, and whether or not cadres succeeded in this had a direct effect on their career. If they did, it was a feather in their cap. If they didn’t they were publicly criticised, or demoted. So set them up they did—everywhere. But to my knowledge, of all the enterprises which we put so much pressure on them to get going, almost none are still operating normally. As a result the banks are owed money and the peasants have been cheated.

The Village Party Secretary China Along the Yellow River 32 told me that the summer harvest this year had been plentiful: the per mu yield had been 700–800 catties, and a number of families still had grain left over from last year! 72 mu per capita, a family of four would have nearly 7 mu; if the per mu yield was 700–800 catties, they would harvest around 5,000 catties. Judging by the amount they had in store, the grain tax cannot have been very heavy, perhaps around 100 catties per person. All the families we visited raised pigs.

That meant that they had to hand over one-third of the fruits of a year’s hard labour to the local government in taxes. Yet the State Council had laid down that agricultural levies should not exceed 5 per cent of annual net income. In fact, all over the region, levies were regularly as high as 30–40 per cent. You could feel the tension between farmers and local government officials wherever you went in the villages of the region. ‘When I was in the country a few days ago, I was talking to a farmer about official corruption and excessive taxation,’ Hu continued.

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