By Philp Denwood, Alexander Piatigorsky

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Michael Carrithers, The Forest Monks of Lanka, unpublished, D. P. Delhi). Vinaya Pitaka ed. Oldenberg, vol. I (Mahiivagga), 1 3 - 1 4 . These canonical texts (from D fgha Nikiiya I II) contain myths and implicit social comment. Buddhavacana: 'the Word of the Buddha' - a term for the canon. B uddhismus, Staat und Gesellschaft in den Uindern des Theraviida-Buddhismus, vol. I (Frankfurt am M ain and B erlin 1966), especially pp. 37 ff. 'Religious Symbolis m and Political Change in Ceylon', Modern Ceylon Studies I , 1 , ( 1 970), pp.

Having referred to the Arahant as with 'burden dropped'6, 'unyoked' and without the conceit of 'I am'7, it says: Monks, when a monk's mind is freed thus, the devas - those with Inda, those wit h Brahma, those with Paj apati - do not succeed in their s earch [if they think): ' Dependent on this is the vififitil)a of a Tathagata' . What is the reason for this? I n t his visible world, monks, I say of a Tathagata that h e is ' not found' . 8 The Buddha then says that though he speaks thus , others falsely .

The one who is not found by devas or men is one without the latent tendency of the 'I am' conceit. Without such latent tendencies he is beyond reckoning and will have transcended the attachment, hatred and delusion that allow him to be measured. Now, just as at M I, 1 39-40, the unsupported nibbana­ experiencing vinnana has been seen to be close to the nature of a Tathagata, so at M I, 486-7 there is evidence to suggest that it is the unsupported vinnana which is not 'reckoned', and so can be des­ cribed in the same way as the Tathagata.

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Buddhist Studies: Ancient and Modern by Philp Denwood, Alexander Piatigorsky

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