By Bibbhuti Baruah

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Old research of beginning and improvement of varied Buddhist sects and sectarianism within the background of succession of colleges in Asia.

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THE UPANISADS 49 that as the Upaniadic doctrine more and more triumphed, an attempt was made to reconcile them. The reconciliation clearly traceable in the later Upaniads. The Svetdivaiara Upanisad for example alludes approvingly to Agni atid Soma, the chief sacrificial deities, and commends a return to the is old ritualistic worship. 1 The divergence between the two views as embodied in the Brahmanas and the Upaniads respectively is now explained by some scholars as due to the divergence in ideals between the Brahmins and the Kshattriyas the priests and princes of ancient India.

Whatever artificial their origin, they are of great importance to the student of philosophy, for in them are to be found the germs of much of the later thought of India. We shall now give a brief description of them. Monotheism. The belief in a plurality of gods, which (i) was a characteristic feature of early Vedic religion, loses its attraction gradually and the Vedic Indian, dissatisfied with ; the old mythology and impelled by that longing for simplicity of explanation so natural to man, starts upon seeking after not the causes of natural phenomena, but their first or ultimate cause.

Yet there are several renderings of it into English and the following metrical one the best 3: by J. Muir is one of 'Then there was neither Aught nor Nought, no air nor sky beyond. covered all ? Where rested all ? In watery gulf profound ? Nor death was then, nor deathlessness, nor change of night and day. That One breathed calmly, self -sustained nought else beyond it lay. Gloom hid in gloom existed first one sea, eluding view. That One, a void in chaos wrapt, by inward fervour grew. Within it first arose desire, the primal germ of mind, Which nothing with existence links, as sages searching find.

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