By Joan Ferrer y Maria Antònia Nogueras

ISBN-10: 8493111805

ISBN-13: 9788493111809

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Cauterization Latin cauter- heat -ization action, process, or result of doing or making The process of searing a damaged part of the body by the use of heat or a chemical. Cecum Latin caecus blind A blind pouch that serves as the entrance to the large intestine. Ceilometer Latin caelum- sky, heaven -meter (metron) instrument or means of measuring; to measure A device that measures the height of cloud layers. Celestial Latin caelum- sky, heaven -ial (variation of -ia) relating to or characterized by 37 Of or relating to the sky or the heavens; planets are celestial bodies.

Bacteroid Greek baktron- staff, rod -oid (oeides) resembling, having the appearance of Resembling bacteria in appearance or action. Barometer Greek baro- weight, heavy; combining form meaning “pressure” Behavior -meter (metron) instrument or means of measuring; to measure An instrument for determining the weight or pressure of the atmosphere, and hence used for judging probable changes in the weather. Baroreceptor Greek baro- weight, heavy; combining form meaning “pressure” -reciepere- to receive -or a condition or property of things or persons; person that does something In living tissue, a receptor end organ that responds to pressure.

Bimetallic Latin bi- two, twice, double, twofold -metallon- mine, ore, quarry; any of a category of electropositive elements from metallum -ic (ikos) relating to or having some characteristic of Relating to a substance composed of two different metals that are bonded together. Bias French biais slant To apply a small voltage to. Bicephalous Greek bi- two, twice, double, twofold -cephalo- (kephalikos) head -ous full of, having the quality of, relating to Having two heads. Bicuspid Latin bi- two, twice, double, twofold -cuspis- sharp point, cusp -id state, condition; having, being, pertaining to, tending to, inclined to Having two points or cusps, such as a premolar tooth.

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