By Sophie Royer

ISBN-10: 2070346811

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Il y a 2500 ans, en Inde, après des années de quête spirituelle, Siddharta Gautama accède enfin à l'ultime vérité. Devenu le Bouddha - littéralement l'Eveillé -, il va dès lors enseigner à ses contemporains l. a. voie qui permet d'échapper à l. a. souffrance. Après sa mort, l. a. doctrine du sage proceed à se propager à travers l'Inde, avant de gagner toute l'Asie. Au XIXe siècle, les Occidentaux découvrent le bouddhisme. A leur journey, ils ne tardent pas à être touchés par l'humanisme de son message. Première faith de l'histoire de l'humanité à vocation universelle, le bouddhisme n'a rien perdu de son éclat. Mais que sait-on vraiment de l'identité de son fondateur ? En étudiant le contexte politique et spirituel de l'Inde ancienne, en croisant les récits légendaires rapportés par les disciples du maître avec le fruit des recherches scientifiques, cette biographie appréhende los angeles determine du Bouddha historique, sa vie et sa pensée.

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If insightisnot yet mature, it will be slow. When Copyrighted material 46 Progress! ve Practice it does mature, then the meditator will attain to the cessation of formations with the realization of the path of arahatship. In theforegoing paragraphs, the words to the effect that the progress of insight will end on the realization of the {knowledge of the paths and fruitions (msggarphala'haDa) those who have gained maturity in the pdram/f^ (perfections). Those who have not yet developed paramitas^uWy will come to a standstill at the knowledgeof equanimity about formations.

8. The meditation instructor will explain the sitting position in detail. , London), p. 89. 5. Some of these points where the touch sensation may be observed are: where thigh and knee touch, where the hands are placed together, where finger meets finger, wherethumbmeetsthumb,wheretheeyellds are closed, the tongue inside the mouth, the lips touching when the mouth Isdosed. 6. 7. Taruoa-udayabbay^aoa On the degrees of insight knowledge, see The Progress of Insigti by the Ven. Mah^ Say^aw (BPS; Kandy).

If a review of the above-mentioned knowledges Is not yet satisfactory, It should be repeated until one Is satisfied. To a very ardent meditator the expiry the next higher is so very swift that he may reach the stage of knowledge of equanimity about formations in a few moments, as also the stage of fruition knowledge. One progress who is well matured in the practioe can attain knowledge while walking or having a meal. How to fruition to attain the Higher Paths When themeditator getsfull satisfaction from theexerdses knowledge of the first path, along time, he should strive to to attain speedily thefruition as also to abide therein for He must then make an ardent wish manner, having determined a definite period for do not wish to experience striving: " During this period thefruition knowledge.

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